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    Re: Fridge to Freezer?

    Ok I was about to post this same question, except the milk I have is 9 days old. How do you check to make sure it's still "good"?:shrug
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    Re: Strawberry allergy?

    UGH! Being a mommy can be scary sometimes!!

    she eats cheese all the time! no cows milk, but i eat plenty of dairy and we've never had any problems. she had yogurt (not strawberry) on a waffle just...
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    Strawberry allergy?

    We've been giving my DD strawberry yogurt for breakfast for a few months now (she's 13 mths) and it's been fine, but today i spread some on a waffle that she was eating for lunch and now she has a...
  4. Re: 18-month has heart murmer is it my fault from caffeine?

    Again, backing up what what the other moms have said...I drink a cup or 2 of coffee in the morning (seriously, i don't think i could function without it, how can you with an all night nurser?!) and...
  5. Re: Upper Back Pain - could it be related to BF?

    My first thought is a chiropractor as well. You said you just stopped pumping at work, so I imagine that your breasts have become heavier as they adjust, seems like this could cause that type of back...
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    Re: Question-Dad's opinion?

    My husband knows that I do all the research and is ok with doing whatever I think is healthiest for our baby! He has never questioned me about it, I didn't bring up nursing beyond one until right...
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    Re: Separation anxiety day and night!

    My almost-13 month old just started this behavior too! She's beginning to cut her molars, as well as about ready to walk. She'll be playing just fine then suddenly throw down her toy, start this kind...
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    Re: Today is his 1st B-day!

  9. Re: Want to continue nursing and feeling pressure...

    I really like the "pass the bean dip" advice! That's great.

    I have been telling people also when they ask (no negative reactions yet) that I believe that right at the beginning of what seems like...
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    Re: Is night feedings ok at 14months??

    Night nursing a 12 month old.

    We co-slept in the same bed until 9 months, but she started to get restless and squirmy keeping us ALL up so we moved her to a mattress next to our bed, it works...
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    We made it! Now what??

    I am so happy that my DD and I have made it a year nursing with only minor problems due to teething and biting but we worked through it. Not a single drop of formula. My support system has been so...
  12. Re: nipples sore and cracking from nursing 11mth old with teeth!

    Thanks for the link, good advice!
  13. Re: nipples sore and cracking from nursing 11mth old with teeth!

    Yes that is what is happening, her teeth are digging in.

    I did try to get her to put her chin further down today and that seemed to help quite a bit. I have been pulling her lip down and trying...
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    Re: Need to re-train latch - TEETH!

    I am going through this too, it's been a rough couple of weeks since this started. I have just been persistent in making her open wider and today was not as bad. I need some tips on dealing with this...
  15. Re: Please Help. Baby w/ Painful Gas & Dr.'s of no help

    I have heard good things about giving a baby chammomile or fennel tea for gas, have you tried that? it would also help to calm him. maybe you could research that.
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    Cows milk at age 1 ?

    Can someone enlighten me on why it's assumed that a baby will be "switched" to cow's milk at age one? If my baby still requires milk as a part of her diet after her first birthday, I would like that...
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    Re: Mirena IUD and breastfeeding

    I was very upset when I got my period back 8 WEEKS after my daughter was born, despite exclusively nursing on demand and co-sleeping. I had the Mirena put in because I am horrible about taking pills...
  18. Re: What if he won't take a bottle or binky?

    my little girl would never take a paci, but she had no problem with the bottle. i think as long as she was getting mommy's milk it was ok, but we tried a paci for the car and she would suck on it for...
  19. Re: nipples sore and cracking from nursing 11mth old with teeth!

    Yes the Lansinoh cream helps a little, it keeps her from being able to latch with her teeth because it's slippery. I guess I am still bruised though. Also, when I make sure her top lip was pulled up,...
  20. nipples sore and cracking from nursing 11mth old with teeth!

    I would absolutely love to nurse my daughter past one year of age, but i need help with this issue because it's killing me!! It's like her teeth constantly scrape on my nipples. Almost like she...
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    Re: Menstruation Question

    I have to say that I got my cycle back 8 WEEKS after giving birth, despite exclusively nursing. boy was i mad. i never noticed any changes in my supply though.
  22. nipples sore and cracking from nursing 11mth old with teeth!

    I am at my wits end, she's not biting me anymore (rarely, we did have this problem but she's learned). but my nipples are still incredibly sore, tender and have scabs because she latches on with her...
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