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  1. Re: mix feeding and feeling terrible about it

    FYI....Non-alcoholic beer STILL has a level of alcohol.

    My uncle, who was a recovering alcoholic, got busted after he drank one and went back to his program house. He was SHOCKED and they still...
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    Re: Help baby keeps losing weight

    if you want to give breast milk, try pumping and measuring exactly what she is eating from bottles.

    This way, you may be able to aleviate formula feeding all together.

    And if she is still...
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    Re: Dirty Diapers

    Both my girls got constipated when adding cereal.

    Try just a tad bit of juice with it once you know the cereal is ok with them and not allergic. It helped keep things going.
  4. Re: Exclusively Pumping Questions.....

    Yes, through the night as well. While he eats, I pump so when I'm done, he's done and we both can go back to sleep.

    The past several days, he's eating between 48 and 64 ounces total a day. He...
  5. Re: mix feeding and feeling terrible about it

    Being a mom of 2 formula fed babies, to me, it isn't a failure.

    Some people just cannot produce and just aren't ment to breast feed. It isn't your failure. It isn't anyone's failure.

    Just the...
  6. Re: how long to dump after taking aspirin before it's safe again?

    I'd call your doc to be sure..

    one asprin shouldn't do much of anything. It is high doses that will affect the breast milk and baby enough to worry about.

    At least what my doc told me as I...
  7. Exclusively Pumping Questions.....

    I've read through some...but I have a slightly different situation.

    This is my 3rd kid. With my first kid, my milk supply was so thick, NOTHING would come out. My daughter latched properly...
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