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  1. really foul smelling poop????

    My son is 13 weeks today. The past two BMs he had (today and Monday) have been very dark green, seedy, a little foamy, and smell absolutely horrible. They don't smell like adult poops, more like...
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    Re: weird supply question

    durhamgrrl wrote: "it might be possible to have OALD and low supply, but you have no reason to think you have low supply. ... You can tell your baby is getting enough milk by counting wet diapers, as...
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    weird supply question

    I'm still new to the forums, I apologize if this has been brought up a lot before. Thanks ahead of time for answering!

    Is it possible to have both OALD and low supply?

    In the mornings and...
  4. Re: 1 week and already want to give up

    Keep trying! I had some similar problems (though a much better NICU experience) and it has eventually worked out.

    I would say it is worth paying for the LC. Think about the cost of a couple visits...
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    growth spurt or ... ?

    Hi, I'm a new poster and FTM and would love any thoughts!

    My son will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. I think he's going through a growth spurt, but want to get opinions. He was born premature at 35 wks,...
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