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  1. Re: EPing... How do you handle being out and about?

    WOW I have had some of the same problems. This is my 3rd breastfed baby and FTT and tongue tie threw me for a loop. He still has trouble transfering the milk from my breast and he has been clipped...
  2. Re: Production Issues? Weight loss and frustration

    Wow I have a similar post in the other section we are going through the same thing!!! I will be watching your thread too....sorry I can't be more help...this is my third breastfed baby and I am at a...
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    Re: Need Advice

    He had just aslight bit of jaundice when he was born but it is gone now. My other 2 both had it and still nursed well. I did have a 2 vessel cord with my pregnancy and I worry this has something to...
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    Need Advice

    Well my little one is 15 days old today and we are having trouble. This is so upsetting to me as this is my 3RD breastfed baby!!!

    Background....when he was born he was 9 pounds 7oz

    when we...

    Try oatmeal and Mother's Milk Tea to incease milk and can you have a nurse in? Where you just nurse nurse nurse and focus on baby for a couple of days.
  6. Re: Long post - not BFing AT ALL!

    Are you supplementing with formula or with breastmilk?
  7. Re: Not gaining weight - Dad seeks advice!!!

    I agree with what everyone said. Don't give in to the formula.....this will get easier!!!! The first few weeks are the hardest!!!! I totally agree with your wife starting off on the same breast she...
  8. Re: Pressure to "stretch out" feedings......

    WOW it sounds like YOUR baby is right on cue. I agree with the other posters that it is a good thing you did NOT take her advice!!!! I to am saddened by your story of your bff's cousins baby. I...
  9. Re: need to move on...but to what?

    Is your milk supply dipping? Why do you have to go ahead and do solids? Not everyone's milk dries up when prego...mine didn't until my son weaned himself but he was way older then your little one. ...
  10. Re: Starting up breastfeeding

    Do you have other kids or someone that can help with the other kids? Try a nursing vacation as soon as possible. Go to bed with your baby and just nurse nurse nurse for a couple days. It takes...
  11. Re: Feeding in public is frustrating

    I have 2 boys that NEVER liked the cover. I did what OP suggested and dressed in layers or a shirt that would cover easily. When I was pregnant my hubby thought a cover was a good idea until he saw...
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