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  1. Re: Breatst feeling empty and upset tummy....

    Hi, yes, this sounds normal. After a while your breasts settle down as they get used to the supply and demand need, so basically an 'empty' feeling breast is an efficient breast. It certainly...
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    Re: Itchy nipples?

    I was thinkiong maybe thrush too, if they're itchy. Yes, she can still drink the milk, but you both need to be treated for it - go and see your GP or lactation consultant, and in the mean time check...
  3. Re: Why do I have nipple pain now??

    Oh dear xx I feel your pain - or have done!

    Those teeth are nasty little nippers and sometimes you can't see a mark. When they have first come through they are like razors so I would suspect...
  4. Re: is it too late to try to latch?

    Can you visit a support group or arrange a visit from your local bf supporter? I think that would be best, so they could actually have a look see what is going on. In the meantime, I'd just keep...
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    Re: Setting Limits

    yes, i think great advice from pp. Be consistent, firm, and fair. My son has had to have limits as he was raunging round all over the place, and it has done wonders i think for helping with...
  6. Re: Not sure when to feed -11 wks

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    Re: Pump not working properly?

    i understand that. thanks again for info. Yes, I'm just going with it.
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    Re: I hate this. I truly hate it.

    yep, what Teal, Jezebel, and Susan say xx

    Go to LC, ddrs, HV, LLL group - anyone who will help you get this diagnosed and treated. The before, during, and after description of pain def sounds...
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    Re: Pump not working properly?

    thanks for sharing. Edward has been doing a lot of back and forth - but then again he did start doing this when he entered the world of toddlerhood and could communicate his whimsical needs!

    I am...
  10. Re: HELP! my milk supply has evaporated

    how are you doing Laurensmom?
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    Re: Milk supply question

    From what you've said it sounds like you're doing FAB! And as your LO is now 12 wks old, floppy boobs = effective boobs! In other words, they know exactly what they're doing and who they're doing it...
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    Re: Pump not working properly?

    Thanks for clarifying that - just done it today, as last time I just put it to stand in the boiled water.
    We'll see what happens. It is getting pretty old and not boiled it before. Edward...
  13. Re: recent pain whlie breastfeeding

    What Teal said. Teeth can cause pain. Or rather, teething can cause pain. Or when the little blighters first come through and are razor sharp!
    What is the pain like? Nipple or breast? When?
  14. Re: HELP! my milk supply has evaporated

    Feed, feed, and feed your baby. At the breast. All the time. And especially don't supplement at night.

    You can always treat your nipples at the same time for the thrush.

    This is the best...
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    Re: Pump not working properly?

    Hi Susan,

    ok will try this. Edward is still nursing as much and doesn't seem distressed by any lack of milk, and i can hear him drinking it too. I know the pump's aren't as strong though. It...
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    Pump not working properly?

    Just getting a bit worried...I'm really struggling to pump at the moment. I have an Avent Isis manual pump and have found it great in the past. Had it for maybe 18 mths or so and wash in hot soapy...
  17. Re: Time Duration Between Nursing Sessio

    hi mama,
    :ita with all the posters here, and Jenna's words are spot on!
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    Re: Pissed off employee

    Hi mama,
    wow - you sound mad! But listen, they haven't YET said you can't. (and you can by the way!)

    I would arm yourself with info to take when you have a chat. And they may just want to...
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    Re: Trouble with twins

    hi mama and congrats! Well done for feeding your twin boys! I don't have specific advice other than just keep putting to breast instead of bottle. If not interested then prob don't want it? May...
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    Re: There is no more milk, baby!

    agree with pp x your body will make enough for sure!

    YOu need to get your attachment checked ideally. You shouldn't be experiencing pain and just a quick readjustment to position can make a...
  21. Re: Maybe I should stop trying to night

    Jomo - please reveal to me too! I'm also hoping for this with Edward
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    Re: ugh, feeling stressed out

    Thanks Christine - would be lovely to hang in there together:hugs

    And thanks mamas for the hugs and reiteration that I'm not alone. Boy I really feel it today...i wish you were all round the...
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    Re: NIP after 12m?

    Edward is 20 mths and we still nip on demand. Sometimes I check that it's not down to hunger for food or thirst for water by offering snack and drink. If he still wants it he gets it - I've found...
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    ugh, feeling stressed out

    Thank God for LLL forum.

    Reading your posts alone makes me feel I am not alone.

    Feeling really stressed out at the moment. DS never sttn, been really really tired, had separation issues at...
  25. Re: Maybe I should stop trying to night

    Hi Christine, are you back at work at all? I'm just thinking maybe reverse cycling if this the case, maybe?

    Does your ds feed loads in the day too?

    Edward starting feeding A LOT at about 13...
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