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  1. Re: Help - have been told to rest nipples

    Thank you!
    I breastfed over night but feel my left nipple is worse off for it so have decided to rest and express the left and continue to feed off the right.
    I ended up getting some antibiotics...
  2. Help - have been told to rest nipples


    I am looking for some support/encouragement that all is not lost.
    I had my baby on March 12th. He's my second baby. Breastfeeding did not go well with my daughter. Due to cracked nipples...
  3. Re: Breastfeeding in Public: Why is it still so taboo??

    You definitely should not feel ashamed. You are doing the right thing momma.
    Just to put a different spin on it, I was unsuccessful in breastfeeding my daughter and felt ashamed to bottle feed in...
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