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    Re: first airplane trip, nerves...

    A 1-hour flight sounds like a great first flying experience. I don't think you'll have any trouble at all.
    We leave next week for a 2-flight trip, first one is 3.5 hours then a 2 hour layover, then...
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    Re: will they ever get smaller?

    I found that the longer I nursed, the smaller they got.
    Also, you may think this is good news, but it wasn't for me: After I weaned my first baby, they were permanently smaller than before I...
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    Re: feeding time?

    I'll only wake my LO if the nap has reached 3 hours.
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    Re: scratching while nursing

    My 7 month old tries to take his ear off while he's nursing. Seriously, it's like his arm has a motor and just keeps rubbing it back and forth over his ear. He's even made it bleed! He'll scratch...
  5. Re: My Dr wants to substitute BM with Formula!!!

    This doesn't make any sense to me either. Formula wouldn't help that situation.
    What are your baby's bm's like? The true definition of constipation has more to do with the consistancy of the bowel...
  6. Re: worried b/c baby won't wave bye bye!

    Your baby is just fine! They all develop at their own pace...waving bye-bye is not a milestone. I can't even remember if my oldest LO waved bye-bye or not or when it may have happened. Do your best...
  7. Re: How much baby food for 7 month old?

    My LO just turned 7 mo and he hardly eats anything. He just isn't interested. I try to offer food once a day and today he refused even that. On the days that he will open up it's only about a...
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    Re: Urgent: blood in stool

    Hi there,
    My little guy also has a history of bloody stools. There can be a number of different causes. One cause is an anal fissure which can result from straining to poop and will streak the...
  9. Re: sleeping thru the night & supply

    My first LO slept 12 hours through the night starting at 6 weeks; I didn't wake to pump and my supply never suffered. We BF for a year without any problems.
    Do you have a history of supply issues?...
  10. Re: Milk dripping from one nostril while nursing

    My baby does this too! Usually happens when I nurse him laying down & stops when I pick his head up higher. Doesn't seem to bother him at all and I just make sure I put a towel or blanket down on the...
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    Re: DH's ultimatum

    Right, that is my hope! I'm just saying that if it became an issue that just could not be resolved between the 2 of them, then IMO a healthy marriage relationship is more important. I totally agree...
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    Re: DH's ultimatum

    You've gotten some great advice & I really hope you can work something out with your DH. Mine might not be a popular opinion on this board, but I think that if it came down to it, the benefits of...
  13. Re: Grunting/Squirming at end of feeding

    Yup, same here...when my LO does this I pick him up to burp and he relieves himself from both ends:lol
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    Re: Sleeping through the night

    Sounds like your LO is gaining well and having good urine output...so you may just be very lucky!! I would think that those would be the overriding factor in whether you should let her sleep all...
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    Re: My Hair!

    I lose a lot of hair normally-- even before my first pregnancy. Then after my daughter was about 2 months old it really started to come out. It eventually stopped but took a loooong time! Then a...
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    Re: blood in her stools!

    My LO has bloody stools too and we're in the process of some testing to figure out more about it...we're assuming it's allergy related. But one thing that the GI doctor wants to test for is C Diff...
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    Re: Wake to feed?

    My first baby slept 12 hours through the night starting at 6 weeks. :) I never woke her or pumped at night and never had any trouble with her wt gain or my supply. I say enjoy it!
  18. Re: Frequent watery stools and diaper rash

    I dealt with this with both of my kids...for the first couple of months I never changed a diaper that didn't have poop in it! (And I changed them all the time it seemed) They also had diaper rash...
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    Re: Flu vaccine

    I was just reading that it is not too late to get one...the virus can circulate even into the spring. I just went on Tuesday for the shot for me and my 2-year old. Turns out we got the flu mist...
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    Re: Milk Allergy

    Sorry to hear about your LO! The good news is that you're not alone...lots of folks are working through similar allergy issues. Go over to the allergy forum for experienced mommies with...
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    Re: Do you "demand-feed"?

    With our daughter (now 2yrs old), we were very scheduled and it worked great for us. At 6 weeks old, she was sleeping 12 hours at night and was nursing 5-6 times a day in a fairly predictable...
  22. Re: When did you start eating dairy again?

    We're currently dairy-free too, just started about 3 weeks ago. I was just wondering if you had seen blood in your LO's poop and if so, when it went away for you??
  23. Re: pedia says I should give my 4 month old yogurt?!?

    Hmmm...My 2 month old has had green, mucousy poop with tiny amts of blood in it and we're currently on a dairy-free diet to see if it improves since those can be signs of a milk allergy. I think that...
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    Re: dark circles aroud ds's eyes

    I agree that if your LO seems fine otherwise, it's probably nothing. One other possiblity is that it is allergy-related. In kids with allergies, dark circles under the eyes are often referred to as...
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    Re: Cow's milk allergy vs oversupply

    Just changed a very green poop with some blood :(
    It's so disheartening when I see it...every time I change a good diaper I think that maybe it's gone for good...
    Wish I had started with a total...
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