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    Re: Foods to help increase milk supply?

    I've also read the Quinoa is good for increasing milk supply. I eat it about once a week and couldn't tell you if it helps my supply or not - but I always seem to have enough, even when TOM comes. ...
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    Teething, diarhea and ringworm

    My LO has had diarhea for 10 days now. He is 21 weeks but just shy of 5 months. I know he is teething, but I hear mixed reviews on whether or not teething causes diarhea. I guess my real problem...
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    Re: Too Much Hindmilk?

    I don't know about too much hindmilk, but my lactation consultant feels I have quite a bit of fat in my bm (She's wanting me to pump for the neonatal unti). However, my doctor seems to think my son...
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    Re: On, off, on, off, on, off......

    My LO is almost 5 months (21 weeks). At around 14 weeks he started the on/off thing.
    I started taking him to bed with me during the day. I would pull the shades to make the room dark and shut...
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    Re: what would you do

    My LO is 4 days behind yours 12/26 and I got AF the 7th week after he was born. I nurse mine almost every 2-4 hours (usually 3 times during the night starting at 10 until 7 a.m.). I know mine is AF...
  6. Re: supplementing and trying to resume BF

    Went to the doctor today.

    His bilirubin levels dropped more than half from being on just formula. So he is officially diagnosed with BM jaundice... completely harmless.
    Supposedly he gained 10...
  7. Re: Sleeping too much? Not eating enough? Help!

    At 2-4 weeks my DS was sleeping 4-5 hours a night. Now I'm lucky if he sleeps 2 hours at a time. I say enjoy it while you can as long as she is gaining well... How I miss those days. :o
  8. Re: supplementing and trying to resume BF

    Monday morning, I took my son to the IBCLC at the hospital. They weighed him and gave me a bunch of info about Breastmilk jaundice. Typically, they don't make you stop breastfeeding unless LO has a...
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    Re: trying to quit breastfeeding

    Could it be the pump?
    I discovered when I didn't pump for a few days that my nipples were no longer sore. It turned out that the "horns" on the pump were not big enough for my breasts and were...
  10. Re: Upping daily food/caloric intake to increase milk flow

    No, but I'll be watching this thread for the advice. I usually have some cereal at 6:30 in the morning with the family, when we can all take turns with the baby and dinner at 6:00 to 7:00. If I'm...
  11. supplementing and trying to resume BF

    OK... Last week, my son went in for his 2 month. He has had jaundice since he was 2 days old and we did some light supplementing of formula on day 4 and 5. I literally sobbed while he was being...
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    Re: Can't keep up

    He's not used to it? I'm having to supplement mine right now (not gaining enough). We tried Enfamil and he threw it up. We went to Similac Advance and he gagged on it, but has been keeping it down....
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    Re: Estrogen and milk supply

    I had ppd with my first son. It started out with bad baby blues but then I had a depo provera shot at my 6 week appt and that really made things worse. So I am not an advocate of hormones...
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    Re: Help : Think I am at a low supply

    Thank you for all the help!

    Monday things started to feel almost right, and my supply went right back up as if nothing was wrong yesterday. I'm thinking my cycle must have had something to do...
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    Re: endless nipple pain?

    I just noticed today that my nipples aren't as sore as they have been the past 2 months... DS is 8 weeks today. For 3 days I didn't pump, and I'm wondering if maybe I had the suction on too high and...
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    Re: Help : Think I am at a low supply

    No, I got a non hormonal IUD. I have pretty bad reactions to hormones... (headaches and flu symptoms).
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    Re: Help : Think I am at a low supply

    I should also mention that I started my first period on Thursday and it was extremely heavy (1 pad every hour and a half to 2 hours) - or at least I think it's my period... I had an IUD inserted on...
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    Help : Think I am at a low supply

    I am starting to get really frustrated. Perhaps I should leave out the starting, because I'm feeling overwhelmed and want to go out and buy formula.
    My son is almost 8 weeks. He is eating about...
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    Re: Dont know what to do

    I am very new, but am experiencing the exact same problems.
    My son is almost 6 weeks old and we are still having latch problems, but it is getting better. He just won't open his mouth very big. ...
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