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  1. Re: Can you increase supply after 3 week mark?

    I was told something similar to that too. I was told by my lactation consultant that by the time baby was two weeks old, my milk supply would be set. If I didn't make a lot then, I basically wouldn't...
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    Re: baby drinking more than pumping


    I've had all kinds of problems with my milk supply. Some people take fenugreek capsules, and find results with that. Some people can eat oatmeal and that helps.

    Is baby taking any kind of...
  3. Re: Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, Mother's Milk Tea, Increased pumping


    I've always noticed that my milk supply is better in the mornings then at night. Does anyone know why?

    There are alot of places that have been really helpful to me with my low milk supply....
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