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  1. Re: Hand pump or PISA for business trip??

    I have always used a handpump and it gets the job done. If you don't want to carry your PISA, the handpump would work just fine. I am able to express all the milk from my breasts with a handpump in...
  2. Re: Frustrated with breastfeeding a non-eater

    Hello:hello YOu are doing awesome! You really are ahead of the game if he is latching on. My baby would latch on incorrectly the first week and my nipples would be extremely sore. I was so frustrated...
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    Re: MaS LeChE UrGeNtE

    HOLA que emocion tener dos bebes preciosos! A mi me ayudo comer donas! :lol Una manana comi una dona de krispy kreme y todo el dia tube muchisima leche. El sacarse la leche con una pompa cuando el...
  4. Re: Latching problem and DD not sucking correctly

    I had the same exact problem. My baby would even take a break the same way, he would pull away without unlatching completely. For the pain I would just use lansinoh cream, although I read cold...
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    Re: - Holy weight gain Batman

    MY baby gained ONE pound a WEEK for the first two months!!!!!!! The doctor said it was almost impossible and amazing. When he was a week old he looked like a month old baby, two weeks like a two...
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    Re: does oatmeal really help?

    I tried oatmeal once but I didn't see a difference, so I stopped using it :shrug WHAT REALLY REALLY HELPED WAS A KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT. I ATE one one day and I had so much milk that day! Then it...
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    Re: Necesito ayuda-relactacion

    HOla!:hello No dejes de intentar, amamantar a tu bebe es lo mejor para el bebe y para ti. Cuando mi bebe tenia ya un mes se me estaba acabando la leche por que mi bebe solo queria biberon. Mi bebe se...
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