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  1. Re: 2-month old suddenly has latching problems

    Thanks for the advices and links! :clap
  2. Re: 2-month old suddenly has latching problems

    Yeah, you're right. It's more like "boob to babe". But when I tried the "babe to boob", there were improvements, clicking lessened and he opened his mouth more. It's just not always. And the thought...
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    Re: Green Stools

    thanks for the site
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    Re: PCOS

    Hi there! I too have PCOS! :lol But take note that I was managed conservatively. My doctors didn't want me on medications unless weight loss won't work. I was given contraceptive pills for a few...
  5. 2-month old suddenly has latching problems

    Hi! My DS is 2 months old, exclusively breastfeeding, has 5 - 8 diaper changes in a day (sometimes with yellow stools but there has been green stools appearing lately). He's probably 11 lbs now.
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    Re: Disney World and breastfeeding?

    Is it possible to get your own room without your in-laws? So you could breastfeed without hearing them or them snooping around. :lol The baby carrier or sling works, practicing nursing positions with...
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    Re: Green Stools

    Hi! I have a 2-month old son who is occasionally passing stools in various shades of green. (one night, I thought I was seeing neon green) :ita Anyway, I'm having the same problem as yours but we're...
  8. Re: HELP ME!!! 3 week old fusses at breast!

    Hi! I hope you're doing much better now. Would just share my experience with my son who'll be a month old next week.

    At his 3rd week, he suddenly became fussy early in the evenings until dawn the...
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