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  1. Re: Newborn not sucking hard enough...Please help!

    I don't have a good answer for you, but I sympathize. We seem to have the same problem! Mine lost 10% + of his birth weight and just started gaining again this week with supplemental formula....
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    Re: When does it get easier?

    Thank you for all the encouragement!

    To green.momma - he's getting 1/2 oz - 1 oz at most feedings...whatever he seems to want.

    I have a few more questions!

    I have an electric pump and I...
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    When does it get easier?

    Hi again.

    My LO is finally gaining weight, yay! :clap

    I've been BF and giving him supplemental formula, first through a bottle and now usually through a supplemental nursing system, when he...
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    How to build back up supply?

    I searched through the boards a bit but couldn't find much about this. I'm sure this has been asked before!

    I want to start building a back up supply for my LO. I'm home with him now for the...
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    Re: No let down while pumping?

    It is a double pump. I think that the breast shield is too big for my right side...most of my areola does get sucked into it. I found online where I can get different size shields...that will be a...
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    No let down while pumping?

    So I bought a high quality electric pump today to help increase my supply and to hopefully use when I go back to work. I fed my LO an hour ago so I thought I'd try to use it now on the side that I...
  7. Re: Not gaining weight and regressing! Help!

    Thank you to both of you! I just started checking out the links and they look great so far. Especially the one about Help! My baby won't nurse.

    We are seeing a different doctor at the practice...
  8. Not gaining weight and regressing! Help!

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and I am in need of some support. Let me preface this by saying I am working with a lactation consultation and the doctor on this. We're going back tomorrow to see if my...
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