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  1. Re: preparing for second child, pump advice?

    What would be a step up from that?
  2. Re: preparing for second child, pump advice?

    Well I can't say for sure but I've used the manual and I hardly.got anything out in comparison to avent and medela manuals. I suppose it's unfair to judge the pumps electric counterpart based on the...
  3. preparing for second child, pump advice?

    For my first born I used a medela pump in style original. I liked the varying speed and suction adjustment available. I no longer have that pump unfortunately. I need to buy a new one but money is a...
  4. Will NOT take a bottle- but takes a sippy?f Will this effect latch?

    My son will NOT take a bottle, end of story. He did when he was three months old, when he was five months I tried to give him one again, after about 8 weeks of not having one and he just licks it and...
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    Re: How long does this last????

    I go through the same thing with mine and he's six months. If he is nursing and I talk, he drops the nipple and just turns and looks at me like "Whaaat are you doing talking while I eat?" He just...
  6. Re: doesnt want to be held, doesnt want to be put down

    My little one started doing that when he was about four or five months old too, he wanted to stand up and try walking/balancing and what not.
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    Frequent Feedings still...

    Most of the time I breastfeed my soon-to-be 5month old before he asks to eat. Does anyone else do this? I dont wait for him to ask or get fussy, every couple hours I just offer him a breast and he...
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    Re: Making himself sick?

    I had this problem with my son, he was doing the same thing and over eating, puking and all that fun stuff. I didn't know what to do and then one very exhausting night, I allowed him to sleep in my...
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    Re: Kneeding- lol

    My son does this, and at first it was gentle and nice and now he grabs my boob and pinches as hard as he can, eek! He's almost five months old, so that may be why. I cut his nails cuz I looked like...
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    Re: green slimey poop?

    Well I have Crohns Disease, and I know that can be passed to a child. IBS and other sorts of Inflammatory Bowel Disease runs in our family. I don't have any actual food allergies, but I have a hard...
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    Re: green slimey poop?

    Ok good. It just seems weird to go from dark green to brown to bright yellow. atleast its normal.
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    green slimey poop?

    my son goes from seedy bright yellow to thick green green! slimey poop. he goes normally about 6-10 times a day and he still does when his poo turns green and slimey. and then it will slowly...
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    Re: Upper lip tie? What say you?

    Oh my goodness, I'm glad I saw that picture. My SON has a upper lip like that, for the first 6 weeks we had latching issues and I was constantly being broken open, even now I get sore but not every...
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