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    Re: Cereal was a hit!

    i just started this week too! My LO is 5 months...she loves rice cereal! Same experience you all mentioned, squealing with delight and eating all of it. Her daddy is enjoying it too, he is so...
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    Re: 20 days old and failing

    It probably doesn't feel like it right now, but you are doing great!! This is a stressful role, but so worth it. I have had many days where i want to throw in the towel, and am thankful for every...
  3. Re: Feels like I'm feeding constantly

    I used to feel the same way...A very supportive Daddy, but if i was in the shower and heard her crying, i could not enjoy my time alone. I had him take her downstairs if she started to cry so i...
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    Just starting solids

    My 5 month is justing starting on rice cereal. This first week has gone great, way better than expected! I have read a couple of places that we should give her some water during the day now that...
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    Biting/refusing and pumping!

    I have been reading LLL Forums for 21 weeks now - thanks for all the great advice! Here's my thing, i have been back to work for 6 weeks. I saw a quick drop off in my supply, but have managed. I...
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