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    Re: Should I be concerned?

    At daycare she gets a mix of breastmilk and formula. I was never a good pumper (max I ever pumped in one day was about 8oz) and now I'm down to about 3oz at best). Weight gain has been steady but...
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    Should I be concerned?

    My daughter will be 12 months in a few days. Over the last month, I've noticed a dramatic drop in my milk supply as I think she's started to wean herself. When she nurses, unless it's in the middle...
  3. Re: Supply decreasing due to pumping at work?

    A while ago I purchased smaller flanges because I have very small breasts. I also just replaced the membranes on my pump. I feel like the pumping is stronger, but it didn't increase my output. I'm...
  4. Supply decreasing due to pumping at work?

    I just returned to work this week. I was EBF and now I'm pumping at work. I have known from the start that I'm not an effective pumper, so I knew I was going to have to supplement whatever milk I was...
  5. Re: Milk almost completely stopped after sickness/birth cont

    Thanks for the support. DD is still nursing - she just looks unhappier while doing so and does not suck nearly as much. When I put her to the breast and she takes my nipple in her mouth, she actually...
  6. Milk almost completely stopped after sickness/birth control?

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm looking for a little support. I've been EBF my 7wk old, though BF was very hard in the beginning due to the fact that my milk was slow to come in, my production was low, and my...
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