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  1. Re: Last attemp to find help ... I'm about to quit!

    Hi there
    :hug Hang in there. I am sure you are sick of hearing that but you can get through this! You have made it through two pregnancies and deliveries. This is short term pain .... it WILL...
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    Re: weight gain

    My DS did this when he was around the same age, and Dr's wanted me to supplement; reluctantly we did ... to no avail. They were about to classify him as failing to thrive and I asked the Doc for...
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    Re: Bottle boycott

    Mine is five months too! Well the funny thing is ... she has taken the bottle in the past. I ended up with a terribly ruptured disc from delivery. I had two rounds of epidurals and then back...
  4. Re: Looking Back, What's Your Advice?

    Oh how i love this question ..

    1.purchase a sling you can use to nurse in if you want to get anything done or actually eat a meal
    2. learn to nurse on your side and accept the idea of co-sleeping...
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    Re: Nursing to sleep a bad habit?

    Everyone told me it was a bad habit to fall into ... but it was and is the only way we all can get sleep quickly and easily. We co-sleep too. Even my husband comments now how he didn't ever think...
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    Bottle boycott

    So sorry if this issue has been recently posted, but I haven't the time to live on this site like I did w/ my DS a few years ago.

    Any suggestions for when you LO will not take a bottle. My DD...
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