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  1. Please HELP me! Plugs for days

    Please help me! I've been through serious plugs in the past, but have always gotten them cleared in a couple of days. My DD injured my nipple on my right breast about a week ago and now I have had...
  2. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    Thanks for the laughs ladies! I laughed to tears reading these. What a wonderful way to end my evening. Here's a couple of mine of late

    YKYNATW.....you ask if she wants Mama Milk before...
  3. Re: What are your top three pieces of advice for a new mom planning to BF?

    I have nursed 2 children. Still nursing second. Total time nursing: 31 months and counting.

    Advice before having children I wish I had had:

    1. If they've just nursed and they cry, nurse them...
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    Re: TriViSol drops

    I agree that the TriViSol or PolyViSol drops are nasty! I now use Carlson's Vitamin D drops. One drop on your nipple daily before LO nurses. Easy and no yucky taste or stains.
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    Re: Night wetting for 6 month old

    We had lots of peeing through diapers at night with my DS. Not so much with DD. Looking back maybe it did have something to do with how his penis was positioned in the diaper. We finally used...
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    Re: Problems using SNS

    That's great that you had a little success with the SNS! The more you can supplement with the SNS and the less with the bottle--great! Your LO will learn that he will get success at the breast and...
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    Re: Problems using SNS

    I agree with PP. When I used the SNS 5 years ago I would tape the tube with medical tape to my nipple so that the tube was facing downward. I don't remember problems with not being able to suck any...
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    Re: One side pumps out way more

    This was me the whole time I pumped. Left pumped 2x more than right usually. Never could get much more than 2 oz. out of right. No matter what I did to rectify the situation it always remained the...
  9. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    You are nursing your 16 mo. old while she and her brother are playing a silly "uh-huh" "uh-uh" game. Very silly indeed!
  10. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

  11. Re: Clogged milk duct and hurting while breastfeeding

    Sounds like a clog to me! They can be extremely painful. I suffered from A LOT of plugs with DD, especially in her first 9 mo. of life. What I learned was heat and lots of nursing. I used a rice...
  12. Re: 6 months and 13 Lbs anyone else have a small baby?

    My son was only 13 lbs. at 6 mo. and my DD was only 14 1/2 lbs. at 6 mo. A lot of it is genetic. If you think that he is gaining fine, it might be worth it to find another pediatrician and get...
  13. Re: best breast pump for my situation

    It would probably be most cost effective to buy Medela's Pump-in-Style Advanced or their Freestyle pump. I used their older Pump-in-Style with DD and it was a great pump! I definitely recommend it....
  14. Going back to work soon, need advice

    Hi Ladies,

    I am a teacher and will be returning to work in August. I pumped milk for my DD all of last school year. She is now 16 mo. and there is NO way I will be pumping again. I have a stock...
  15. Re: still waking up several times at night..please help!

    My DD was still waking several times at night and I just couldn't do it anymore and stay sane. So I did Dr. Jay Gordon's night weaning method. The first couple of nights were hard, but it got much...
  16. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    This sounds like my experience at Home Depot on Sunday! We are beginning to remodel our bathroom and were perusing the aisles. DD was getting impatient so I walked up and down the aisles nursing...
  17. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    Oh that is hilarious! I love it!
  18. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    I seriously :love:love:love this thread! Soooooo cute. They make me laugh and my heart all full of sweet love. Last night my DD unlatched, pointed to my nipple and said "ipple." I asked her if...
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    Re: Is my milk drying up?

    Sounds perfectly normal! Wets and poops are a great indication of supply. Sounds like you are doing a good job Mama.

    Aren't you glad we don't stay engorged and leaking everywhere forever? I...
  20. Re: Does night weaning really help?

    I just nightweaned my DD and not only did it help her to start STTN, I too don't have that resentful feeling when I hear her stirring in the morning. I bring her to bed and we cuddle and nurse :love...
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    Re: Pumping - sharp pain on breast

    That is AWESOME that your LO is taking to breastfeeding after a break! :cheer

    Does it hurt the whole time while he nurses or just during initial latch? I will tell you that with both of my...
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    Re: Freezer Stash - advice needed!

    I agree with Joe's mom. I had a huge freezer stash of over 400 oz. of EBM when I went back to work. I didn't rely on the freezer stash at all but I did need it during growth spurts, stressful bad...
  23. Re: right breast feels hard...HELP!!!

    Oh, I have been there with the plugs. I've had LOTS. I have only successfully cleared a plugged duct 2-3 times with a pump. It is very hard to clear a plug with a pump. But yes, heat really does...
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    Re: Not walking

    This exactly! My DD just turned 15 mo. and she chooses to crawl over walking even though she's taken many steps by herself. Once they choose to walk as their mode of transportation, look out! They...
  25. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    YKYNATW...DD drags the nursing pillow halfway across the house to tell me she wants to nurse.

    YKYNATW...She nurses, unlatches and says "Mom" and then nurses, unlatches and says "Mom," and the...
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