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    Re: amazing panda nursing scenes

    That cracks me up! especially since my CJ and Tai Shan have the same birthday! Born on the same day and both fidgety nursers. Go figure!

    Thanks for sharing that!
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    Re: How long to observe 3-5 day rule?

    I think by a year DD had tried just about everything except high allergen foods like strawberries, chocolate, and peanuts. We kept to the 3-5 rule until just before that. Occasionally I'd introduce...
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    I'm ready to wean...not so sure about DD

    My DD is almost 20 months old. While she will sometimes ask for "ninny" at other times, I've tried to keep nursing to morning and night-time (bedtime) occasions recently. She never fusses much when...
  4. Re: Help--can't nurse my nightnurser for 3 nights!!!

    I can relate to this since I recently had to go out of town for a few days overnight without DD for work. She was an occasional (and mostly night) nurser but usually dealt ok with everything when I...
  5. Re: 12 month old still nursing 4-5 times each night

    We used Dr. Jay Gordon's method for night weaning and it worked very well. Very "no-cry" and developmentally appropriate. He doesn't even recommend trying it before 12 months. I don't have the...
  6. Re: Going back to work, what are your suggestions?

    All the previous suggestions are great and I agree that if you are getting that much AFTER you BF, then your supply should be fine. If you are pumping about as often as DD would feed, then you...
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    Re: nnd PIS parts...help

    I got extra tubing through our hospital's lactation center. I think it was $9 for the tubes.
  8. Re: Moving to pumping 1x at work instead of 2x per day

    I think 9-10 months was around the time I went from 2 pumpings at work a day to 1. I noticed the same thing. while I don't think my supply changed too drastically, DD started taking in more solid...
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    Re: How long did you send breastmilk to daycare?

    I stopped pumping gradually around 10 months. DD stopped taking a bottle or would take it infrequently. I'd often get home and find the EBM still in the fridge or find out she just refused it. ...
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    Re: Working moms and your fav pump?

    I used a Medela PIS that a friend gave me (she got it from her sister in law and neither one of them used it more than twice I think). All I needed was new tubing. It worked fine (and it DID get...
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    Re: just need to vent

    I can relate a lot to your feelings. We have gone back and forth on the weaning issue and I have posted questions in multiple places on this forum for similar issues. We did end up trying Dr. Jay...
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    Re: When to say "not right now"

    Thanks for the advice and thoughts. We always travel with snacks and a sippy cup but sometimes when that's offered she refuses ;) It sounds like I will just need to go ahead and set the limits and...
  13. Re: anyone try Dr. Jay Gordon night weaning method?

    We co-sleep often and tried the Gordon method after a suggestion in a post I made in the "sleeping" thread. It worked really well for my DD (at 16 mos.). The first few nights, she fussed a bit...
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    When to say "not right now"

    My DD is almost 18 months old. She nurses at 3 very predictable times: first thing in the AM (not all days but some), ALWAYS before bed, and ALMOST ALWAYS first thing when I come home from work. ...
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    Re: No Milk in a Cup?

    I agree with a lot of the PP. We are in the same position. DD will still nurse 2 or 3 times a day and eats lots of yogurt and cheese but REFUSES milk (ebm or cow's milk) in a sippy cup. she...
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    Re: My breasts leak SO MUCH!

    I had this problem at first as well and yes, it did even out around 12 weeks. I would sleep on a towel sometimes just so it wouldn't get all over the sheets. I wasn't comfortable sleeping in a...
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    Re: Will she wean?

    Just to update everyone:

    She was ok during the day but had a difficult 2 nights. The second night, she actually asked for "ninny" and got rather upset when she could not be satisified. And...
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    Re: It's Official!

    Congrats to you! Like you, I started with a goal of 6 months and took it one step at a time. We are at almost 16 mos and still going strong too. And I can totally relate with the working full time...
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    Re: Let-Down while breastfeeding

    I never really felt my letdown much. I would usually notice it in the beginning when my other breast would start leaking. Still happens every once in a while if I'm "full". My neighbor said she...
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    Re: Will she wean?

    Thanks for the thoughts. I'm honestly not sure how I feel about her weaning at this point. There is a part of me that is ready but another part of me that still longs for that connection with...
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    Re: Is it ok to do both?

    I agree with PP. It's important that if you need someone to give a bottle that you at least pump to keep up your supply. This is especially critical in these first few weeks. In which case, I...
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    Will she wean?

    I'm getting ready to be away from DD for three days for a business trip. First time away overnight since DD was 9 months old. I'm no longer pumping regularly and DD (almost 16 mo. old) only nurses...
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    Re: Who in your family knows??

    It's funny that you bring this up. Before DD was born, I said to myself that I wanted to BF for at least 6 months, knowing that I would be going back to work after 3 months and that pumping may be a...
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    Re: when can husband step in more?

    We never really had trouble with trading off with care during the day. It did take a little while for her to get used to the bottle when I went back to work at around 3 months (he did a lot of the...
  25. Re: Please share tips on how to keep your supply up from the beginning?

    I agree with everything said before. Here are my contributions:

    Surround yourself with supportive people who understand and support the benefits of long-term breastfeeding. This may mean...
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