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  1. Re: No more booby for my 2 year old! My husband is brilliant

    DD just started weaning as of Saturday, and we did cold turkey per the Pedi's recommendation. And, here is why (I don't want to start a debate, just want to share info): For many toddlers, it is...
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    Re: How long to dry up?

    Thanks ladies. I thought cabbage leaves were just for engorgement relief. I will have to try the peppermint & sage for sure. Thanks.
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    How long to dry up?

    Hey Ladies,
    First of all thank you all so much for helping me get through over 20 months of nursing my LO. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, the nursing is having a strong adverse...
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    Re: Do nipples "toughen up"?

    First, if the nipple is coming out looking like lipstick, that's the cause of the problem. Your LO is still having a bad latch. Your nipple should still come out of the mouth fairly normal looking...
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    Re: Thinking about bf after 12 months

    DD is now almost 14 months old and she nurses 4-5x a day, but like mommal said, the frequency varies ALOT. She would probably nurse more if I offered, but I've taken a don't offer, but don't refuse...
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    Re: I think I'm angry....

    In addition to what PPs have said, I know you're worried about what to tell DH. Explain to him that you are going with your instincts on this one and that he will just need to trust you at this...
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    Re: Comfort nursing (me again)

    Well, IMO, what your telling me is good news! She doesn't feel the need to comfort nurse because she is very confident in knowing that you will be there for her. Some toddlers do what my LLL leader...
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    Re: BFing, underweight, & Schedule

    Thanks ladies. The reason the pedi is concerned about her weight is because not only did she drop from the 10th to the 2nd on the weight charts, but also dropped from the 65th to the 45th on the...
  9. Re: Oh, no! Weight Issues in 3 month old. Advice, please?

    She sounds like a very very active baby. Although DD was older when she started army crawling, it did make her reflux worse and more noticeable because she spit up a lot more and since she was...
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    Re: Stop switching sides!

    At a meeting I went to a couple months ago, we were told this was pretty normal at this age. DD has tried this a few times and I'm just a little more persistent than her with this even though we/she...
  11. Re: How much water or juice does your baby drink?

    DD is 14 months, nurses 4-5 times a day and drinks about 10-15 oz of water a day. Like others I try to make sure it's usually available, but I tend to lose where she leaves her sippy and I don't...
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    BFing, underweight, & Schedule

    Ok, so DD is 13 1/2 months old and only weighs 18 lbs, putting her in the 2nd %ile for weight on the WHO charts. She's seeing a nutritionist once a month and at this point I'm supposed to not let...
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    Re: Not Responding to Pump

    One last thing, from personal experience: are you under any additional stress? You said you aren't letting down, was this an overnight occurrence? That happened to me once when DD was about 7 or 8...
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    Re: This is driving me nuts

    Perhaps try to figure out what's going on as to why she will only nurse while sleeping because if she's about 3 months old then she's about to start waking up more soon and needing to nurse more when...
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    Re: Suddenly unable to express milk

    This happened to me when DD was about 7 months old, completely freaked me out, and it wasn't my pump, it wasn't dehydration, or any other common, easily fixable culprit. Of all things, it was...
  16. Re: A Host of Breastfeeding Issues / Concerns

    wow... um, yeah I'm at a loss of why you can't pump a little more. My recommendation would be to have an IBCLC work with you and the pump to see what's going on. Even though you have tried different...
  17. Re: A Host of Breastfeeding Issues / Concerns

    I noticed you said something about letting down and your breastpads would be soaked. Perhaps try finding out the amount of time between those let-downs and pump BEFORE you have a let-down (it's...
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    Re: Sleeping Baby (Or lack there of) help!

    According to a book titled "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child", at around 4 months babies start to sleep more like adults ), with actual sleep cycles (except in 30 minute cycles instead of 90...
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    Re: Nursing too much?

    Thanks for the advice ladies, I knew I could find good support here! And meg, you guessed it, I feel pressured to not entirely wean, but at least reduce nursing sessions. The pedi recommends 3...
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    Nursing too much?

    So DD is 11 months old and still nurses about 7 times a day (including 2 at night). Her solids intake is not very much (probably because she's full from nursing!), only about 6 oz total in a day...
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    Re: stuffy nose baby will not nurse!

    I had this same question yesterday and I took everyone's advice--sorta. I'm not comfortable getting into the tub w/ LO (I'm scared I will let her slip or something), so I altered it just a bit. I...
  22. Re: My mother in law is pushing me to introduce cereal

    Yeah, 2 months, or even 3 months is WAY too early to start solids. My pediatrician suggested rice cereal in a bottle (if I wanted to pump) to help reduce DD's reflux, but I was way too lazy for...
  23. Re: Help!! Dwindling supply or start of real weaning?

    Resolution!!! I discovered why I could not let down/pump anything before, and the issue is STARTING to resolve. She had a temporary, MAJOR increase in demand for milk and I simply just did not have...
  24. Re: Help!! Dwindling supply or start of real weaning?

    Yes, that's correct. But she starts her bedtime routine at about 7:30 and is in bed by 8, so I'm not able to nurse her one last time before she goes to bed, which is why I need to pump. The 3 oz is...
  25. Re: Help!! Dwindling supply or start of real weaning?

    Thank you all for your replies, unfortunately, it's gotten worse. Today I didn't even let down for the pump, even after I replaced parts. And then I totally freaked out, which I'm sure just...
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