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  1. Re: How much milk and how long to pump?

    Thanks Susan!

    I went from no neeed for bottles with DS (who refused them anyway) to full time pumping with DD1 and so I wasn't sure what was inbetween.

    Somehow I'm not certain my MIL would...
  2. How much milk and how long to pump?

    Forgive me if this has been asked a million times but I don't have time to look for the answer.

    I'm going to be leaving 4mo DD2 with my MIL for a couple hours in part to go out with friends and...
  3. Re: FYI: I mixed my pumps and got the best pump ever

    I did the exact same thing only I'm using my Ameda kit from the hospital on my Medela. It's so much easier to clean. I seem to keep getting milk in the tubing of the medela kit.
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    Re: how long to pump?

    Thanks for all the replies!:gvibes Pumping full time is a new experience so I'm glad you're all here! This is one of the few things I can control right now, so I'm probably obsessing over nothing!...
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    how long to pump?

    DD is 4 weeks old (:yikes where has time gone) and is not nursing well due to her heart condition. She was in the hospital for the past few days due to a lack of weight gain and is expected to come...
  6. Re: Transition from NICU schedule to more of a demand schedule - HOW?

    1st off - what a cutie! :love

    My DS was only in the NICU for a week. When we were finally allowed to take him home I treated him like a newborn, following all the instructions they give the mamas...
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    Re: Less Frequent Diapers

    If your LO is exculsively BF and she's still having lots of wet diapers then you really don't need to worry too much. She's just really efficient at digesting BM so she ends up with less movements....
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    Re: Pressure to wean

    Technically if you've started solids, that's considered the beginning of weaning. So if you say we've started weaning, you wouldn't be lying.
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    Re: we did it

    Thanks everyone for the support.:love

    We started in November with the nightweaning but essentially cut back during December after I had a talk with a LLL leader.

    I'll be honest, the...
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    we did it

    It's been a week now since DS has nursed. We've been slowly cutting back over the past couple of months with the aim of fully weaning by the time my 3rd trimester arrives in a...
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    Re: nursing/solid schedule

    I'd keep doing what you're doing for now but start offering the breast after the meal instead of before. At that age my DS only had 1 or 2 solid meals a day and was still BF on demand day...
  12. Re: She slept over Grandmas last night!

    that is awesome.:clap I'm a little jealous. DS puts up a big fuss when he sleeps anywhere but in his crib. I'd love to get him to sleep at grandma's just once before the baby's born.
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    Re: Toddler BF article by Dr Newman

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    It was (is?) in the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) building, but I think I heard that they need the space back for their own expansion.

    An article...
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    running out of ideas for food

    DS is almost 15 mo and I just don't know what to feed him. I normally try to give him homemade baby food or food that we're eating, but more often I find I'm reaching for a jar of baby food.
  15. Re: breastmilk,solids,cows milk at a year?

    My son loves cottage cheese! And yogourt.
    I think cottage cheese was the first dairy I introduced him too.
    He hasn't had any cow's milk yet (he's almost 15 mo), but I think I'll introduce it to...
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    Re: Hoarding food in cheeks

    I am so glad to know that DS isn't the only one and that he'll probably grow out of it. Thanks so much for the advice!
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    Hoarding food in cheeks

    For some reason when DS eats he sometimes ends up hoarding food in his cheeks. My parents call it 'chipmunk cheeks' and think its cute, but it worries me. I'm afraid that he'll go to sleep with the...
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    Re: yogurt and cottage cheese

    :ita that's what we did too, but with 2% (works best if your LO has a pincer grasp.) DS :love cottage cheese.

    For yoghurt I tried to buy either plain yoghurt or the most natural with fruit I...
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    Re: going to movie

    :ita :ita
    DS has been to several movies in these programs. Its nice to be able to take him out and know that if he cries (or makes any baby noise) it's totally acceptable/understood. and its open...
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    where does that first year go?

    If I had time, I would have done this friday. I'm so happy to say that DS turned 1 on Friday and has no plans to stop breastfeeding.:cheer
    I'm surprised how quickly the time has passed, it seems...
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    growth spurt?

    :nak DS is 11 mo (10 mo corrected, if it makes a difference) and I'm wondering if he's in the midst of a growth spurt or just ill. On Sunday he had a fever for roughly 24 hours. And for the past 48...
  22. Re: 3 mos old screams on one side only

    Agree with PP (previous posters). I've also used the slide techinque with DS very early on. Eventually he did take the refused breast and hasn't been bothered by which side he's on since. I think...
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    Re: Reading books...stressing me out!

    :hug DS went through the same thing around that time too. Now he's only up once or twice in the night (knocking on wood).

    What is your DD's sleep time and wake time? How long is she feeding...
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    Re: Drinking and breastfeeding?

    I don't know how long you'll be seperated from your LO but you may want to pump and dump for your own *comfort*.
    Been there, wish I had done that!
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    dry diaper?

    I went to change DS's diaper this morning and it was dry. I don't think he went at all this morning from 9ish to 11:30. His overnight diaper was its usual wetness and he pooped in it too so I'm not...
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