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    Re: weaning question

    I would go with number 3. It wouldn't hurt to try and come back to nurse.
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    Poll: Re: I'm Not Ready

    Andrea-I have always pumped, so I cant really just nurse when we are together.

    Mommal-I want to stop pumpung, but at the same time I just dont know. I do have one question, what if I feel guilty,...
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    Poll: I'm Not Ready

    So it has been a minute since I have last posted. We have made it 13 months pumping! I am super proud of myself! However I did have some issues with my supply. I would pump and get only a few...
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    Keeping my head up

    Recently I have transferred to a different store. I love my new manager and I am being retrained as an assistant manager, which I am super excited about. However, not everyone is so supportive...
  5. Re: Anything wrong with letting DD suck on fruits?

    I wil try the spoon and empty bowl. That sound like a good start.

    She went poo just fine, but I will limit them when it comes time to.
  6. Re: Anything wrong with letting DD suck on fruits?

    Oh shot! Yeah sorry bout that
  7. Anything wrong with letting DD suck on fruits?

    Last week I gave my 4.5 month old some of my banana. She was reaching for it plus she was watching me eat for the past few days. So I let her suck on the banana and she loved it so much. Is there...
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    Re: :cry - About to throw in the towel!

    You have a ton of great advice from these ladies, but I would love to give you some more encouragement. At 2 weeks your baby will be hanging on you every waking mintue. I was told I should wake up...
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    Re: a few questions...

    Are you only getting 4 oz for the whole day? Do you do compression while pumping? Drinking lots of water? For the formula, the can will tell you how to mix.
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    Re: pretending to stand

    I was walking at 9 months and my mother tells me that it made me bowlegged. The doctors had to put a brace on my feet to make me crawl again and bend my legs back straight. My husband also walked...
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    Re: Wish me luck!

    Im really glad everything worked out for you!:gvibes
  12. Re: How much EBM did you give at 4 months?

    When she was 2 months she was eating 2.5 oz and sometimes she would want more. But when I needed to put her in day care, they said one bottle per feeding so I didnt want to put only 3 oz if she...
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    Re: Needing a little reassurance

    When my baby girl was born I would let all the light in during th day and come night time, I would use a night light with a green light inside so I could see, but not to make it to bright. ...
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    Re: I'm going for it

    One thing that I read about relactating is you need the baby to suck as the breast to make the milk come back. I am not sure if that is true, but at any rate good luck to you. You are a good person...
  15. Re: How much EBM did you give at 4 months?

    Thank you ladies, I never was sure how much to give her, but now I am better informed. I couldnt believe that a baby never needs more BM, but the BM changes for the needs of the baby.

    I know I...
  16. Re: Going to meet with a LC...what to expect?

    I wish I had advice for you, but all I can say is the best of luck and I hope all work out for you.

    I havnt read any of your post so I dont know much about what is going on. I hope the LC will...
  17. Re: What should I do with all of this milk?

    I donate milk to Mothers Milk Back in Austin. You dont have to write the time on each thing of milk, but you do have to date it and put away within 30 min of being pumped. Their rule is to wash...
  18. How much EBM did you give at 4 months?

    I was a little disappointed at my girls check up last week. She only weighted 12.2 pound. My boss and his wife had their baby the same day and their son eats 6 to 8 oz of formula and weights in...
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    Re: Any long term EPumpers?

    I have pumped for 4 months. The first month was the worst, pumping every 2 hours and I did that up until a month ago, when I realize I wasnt going to have enough room in the frez. I now pump every...
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    Re: Wish me luck!

    I took a trip to see my mom and had BM with me. All you have to do it tell them you have EBM and they will test it. They shouldnt give you any trouble, it is a medical thing.
  21. Re: Who on here is a SAHM that pumps and stores?

    hey that looks like what I have in my frez. I am waiting on a cooler from the milk bank. :clapfor doing a good thing and giving it to the milk bank!
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    Re: Its worse than I thought...

    When my DD was 5 weeks I ate this cheese that I love every night, and it hurt her belly so bad she would cry all night to 7 am. I would have to stay awake with her. Pumping was so hard to do...
  23. Re: Question about one breast not getting soft after pumping

    I know there is no more milk in there after I pump because nothing comes out with compressions. It gets soft, but not like the other. I thought I wasnt taking all the milk out at first, but I know...
  24. Question about one breast not getting soft after pumping

    This is something I have always wanted to ask so here it is:

    Ever since I have pumped my right breast stayed firm while my left breast would become soft after I pumped out my milk. Sometimes the...

    During my first month of pumping I had a lot of pain. I got cracks and bleed. I would cry everytime I turned the pump on. I just used the lansinoh, which helped a lot. I put that on after...
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