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  1. Re: bottle/nipple preference and right way to give bottle

    We used Dr. Brown's Lv 1 and encountered problems (too much too fast = my LO preferred bottle over breast for a while) as a result.

    When we switched to The First Years Breastflow bottles it made...
  2. Re: LO wanting to just take bottle....HELP

    Agree with what's already been said. Also - babies are much more efficient at getting milk from the breast than the pump, so 5-7 min. may be all that LO needs. :)

    I also have returned to work and...
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    Re: Please help the LC has confused me.

    I think you're exactly right. It's hard to distinguish between forceful letdown, oversupply, undersupply and latch issues, and when I have tried to tactically correct multiple perceived conditions...
  4. Re: Really Need Help With Breastfeeding Again

    I would say you absolutely can! I had LOTS of problems with breastfeeing my son, now 6 months, early on and started using bottles for breastmilk on day 4!

    I think a La Leche Leader or a lactation...
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    Re: I need milk for at least year

    Ditto to all that has been previously said in replies!

    Just hang in there, you are doing GREAT! :) You may not feel like it, but you are!!!

    I had the same worries and BAWLED when I "had" to...
  6. Re: Several Questions for First Newborn

    I had a REALLY rough time with breastfeeding for the 1st 3 wks and difficulty lasting into month 2. (LO is 6mo now and we're awesome.) I spent way too much time worrying about quantity he was eating,...
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