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    Re: crispy nipple

    it is dry, but not like dry skin type dry, if i touch it it seems hard to the touch which is why I called it crispy :yikes -- they do air dry but i don't use lanolin on them because those feel...
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    crispy nipple


    my nipples dont hurt, aren't cracked and he nurses fine...and i pump well...but i just touched my nipple & it seems crispy. am i in for problems? my son is 5 weeks tomorrow. is it...
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    Re: Right side has more than left??

    I am having this same issue and just posted about it in the pumping forum -- thanks for asking this question. I just got 5 oz out of the right and about 2.5 out of the left -- it's a measurable...
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    getting more from one side than the other?

    So, my right side is hyperproducing but my left, not so much. I normally ebf but now that i'm having to go back working part time, i'm eping during the day and i am noticing that i'm getting about 4...
  5. Re: Arching Back, crying, coughing, spitting up

    I took my son yesterday to the dr. for something similar and she told me that the back arching is a sign of acid reflux. While mine has some other issues with laying down and spitting up and not the...
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    pulling on nipple while nursing

    My son started over the last day or so pulling back on the nipple while it's still attached and he's still sucking on it. Needless to say, it hurts and my nipples seem to be paying the price. What...
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    Need Milk Storage & Pumping Help...

    I've started pumping -- only about 5 - 10 minutes each side in the morning every other day so that I can start to build up my storage bc I'm going back to work really soon (DS is 3 weeks tomorrow). ...
  8. Re: How long to feed on each breast - 3 weeks old

    thank you so much! he's eating again as i type! you're in the east bay...i'm in Napa. hi neighbor :hello
  9. How long to feed on each breast - 3 weeks old

    My almost 3 week old seems to want to eat for more than what my dr recommends. They say no more than 15 minutes on each breast and I have been letting him go 15 - 20 and he's SUPER fussy still and...
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