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    Re: Car traveling with LO

    Sorry I don't have any great advice, but I'll share this with you: I was quite terrified of breastfeeding in public at first. Now, 6 months into motherhood, I actually kinda get a kick out of ...
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    Re: 6 weeks and going round the bend...

    My baby went through BAD bursts like that. And I'm pretty sure it was gas with her, since she ended up having bad infant colic that she outgrew around 3 months. Have you tried infant massage? It's...
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    Re: very frequent feedings

    Growth spurt sounds like a definite possibility. Also, if you always try putting him down after feedings, maybe he's just figured out that the best way to get you to hold him is to ask for food?...
  4. Re: Baby Refuses to Nurse and Co-Sleep...HELP!

    Our babies could learn a lot from each other! Mine's the opposite - she'll sleep fine as long as she's on my chest or right snuggled up to me. Sometimes she'll have naps on her own during the day,...
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    does thrush cause pain?

    My baby (2.5 months old) has had some white coating on her tongue pretty well right from the start. I thought it was just from drinking nothing but milk, since I have no discomfort on my nipples, nor...
  6. Re: Help-baby just feeding for 10 minutes

    I don't have much experience since I'm just nursing my first baby - she's two and a half months old. But I don't think she's ever nursed for more than 10 minutes at a time! Our feeding schedule...
  7. Re: Overactive letdown - she's irritated in the evenings

    Similar problem here... blockfeeding did little to curb my supply, my let down reflex is still MEAN! Sometimes the "laid back nursing position" works well to calm her down and let her nurse - took us...
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