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  1. 1 year old suddenly refusing bottle

    My 1 year old has been getting a bottle (expressed breast milk) 1 full day/night per week, plus another one or two throughout the week. This is necessary due to childcare. He started at four days and...
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    Re: "Snacking" baby

    I'd LOVE every 2 hours! It's every 1 hour during the day, every 2 at night!

    First of all, this is NOT my first child. I know as much about breastfeeding as it is possible for a layperson to know....
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    "Snacking" baby

    My LO is 8 weeks today. He is exclusively on breast milk, mostly by breast. He gets 1 pumped bottle most days, and on the 2 days I work he gets bottles all day.

    He is a snacker. He eats little...
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