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  1. 16 month eating less solids on weekend

    Hi Ladies, I need some advice about my 16m old eating habits. She nurses on demand as always, including 1-2 times a night still. I've never kept track of the number of nursings, but she is easily...
  2. Re: Dropping lunchtime nursing in 15 month old- need advice

    Thanks ladies! My little lady and I are both under the weather so I think I might wait till next week, but good to know it should all be OK!
  3. Dropping lunchtime nursing in 15 month old- need advice

    Hi All,

    My lo is 15 months old and nursing on demand day and night and eating lots of solids. She is at a daycare now and they feed her two full meals and two snacks during the day. I work full...
  4. Re: Solids, not sure where to go from here

    Sounds to me like you are doing a great job. Your little one is trying lots of foods and it seems to me you are giving her a good variety of veggies and an assortment of other things. Like other...
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    Re: 12 mo, bls throwing food on floor

    Great, that is kind of what I was thinking but when is a developmentally appropriate time to teach her otherwise? Or when should it stop on its own?
  6. Re: Amount of milk/dairy with extended breastfeeding

    Thanks for the ideas. We do lots of broccoli! I forgot about cucumber, but I can start that. At what time did your kids start eating greens without cooking them, like raw spinach? The first time we...
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    12 mo, bls throwing food on floor

    Hi all, sorry for the long post!

    Just looking for more advice about bls and maybe some attachment parenting advice if anyone has some.

    Our 12 mo has always thrown her food off the table/tray...
  8. Pain while nursing for the first time? Teething?

    Hi ladies, My LO just turned 1 two weeks ago and for the first time in our nursing relationship (I know I've been so lucky!) I am having some nipple pain while nursing. It is just on the left...
  9. Re: Amount of milk/dairy with extended breastfeeding

    I agree on the yogurt thing, but I do give her plain greek yogurt, or natural fresh yogurt from our organic market. I would never give her the commercial flavored stuff...it really grosses me out!...
  10. Re: Amount of milk/dairy with extended breastfeeding

    That is what I was thinking about the milk, good to get confirmation.

    Do you give any other dairy, yogurt, cheese etc, after 1 year to help with the fat and calcium? Or do you just ensure that...
  11. Amount of milk/dairy with extended breastfeeding

    I'm just wondering how much dairy you all give your little ones? We are doing BLS, she likes cheese a lot, and she still bf several times a day plus a lot overnight. I think she is teething/getting...
  12. Decrease amount of solids in 11 mth after virus. Normal?

    Hi Ladies, We are doing BLS and my lo has done well so far, eating small but noticeable amounts of food until now. She is just eating 2 solid "meals" a day, breakfast with the nanny, and dinner with...
  13. Nursing gymnastics at nap/bed time

    Hi Ladies, My 10.5 month old, who has recently learned how to roll, crawl etc, is really into crawling around and doing all kinds of crazy things when we lay down to nurse before a nap or bed. We...
  14. Re: Help! No place to pump at work - violation of law

    I have a similar situation in that there is just no possible private place for me to use. Here is what I do, it may help. I use a storage room/someones office that people teachers come in and out...
  15. Re: Breastfeeding and working Nightshifts TIPS PLEASE!

    You should reading lots of post to get ideas from other people with similar questions, but here are some specifics to you that you need to consider.

    How much/when is your baby nursing at...
  16. Pump weaning over two month holiday?

    I work at a school in the southern hemisphere so our long "summer" break is coming up between Christmas and mid February.

    DD will turn one during this break, in January, so I was planning on pump...
  17. Re: Feeling overwhelmed. lots of questions. LONG, SORRY

    Regarding your lo interest in your food, I think this sounds like normal baby curiosity about the world and especially what you as mom and dad are doing and not necessarily the specific idea that lo...
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    Re: Starting Cereal

    I am no expert and I'm sure the other ladies well come in with specifics but I would not recommend adding cereal. From what you have said, his eating seems perfectly normal. Is he having enough wet...
  19. Re: Doubts about if I'm doing BLS right?

    Can I get some clarification on dairy. When did you start? I hear so much about delaying cows milk to a year our two I was thinking the same for ALL dairy, but obviously that is not the case. I think...
  20. Doubts about if I'm doing BLS right?

    Does anyone have advice on if what I'm doing is enough? I know they say before one, food is for fun, but sometimes I worried I am too laid back about the solid thing. We are doing bls and lo is...
  21. 8 Month slump...need support encouragement

    I'm just looking for some encouragement that I'm doing the right thing here. I think I've hit the sudden decrease in supply around 8 months and am trying to figure out how to increase my pumping...
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    Alternatives to cheerios?

    We are doing bls and so far I've just given my lo large stick shaped fruits and veggies our whole fruits and veggies. She is def just playing/experimenting so far as she spits most of it out still....
  23. Re: 7 1/2 month old latch on has changed, and it's painful!

    I was about to post the exact same question. My 7.5 month old is doing a similar thing and one of my nipples is getting very sore. I'd love to hear more from others about whether they think it is a...
  24. Re: Pump/Bottle schedule with mid-day feed?

    Thanks ladies. I too am glad that my "problem" is not so much a problem as an uncertainty. Thanks for three thought and advice.

    Susan, I would go out and but a freezer today if I could, but there...
  25. Pump/Bottle schedule with mid-day feed?

    Does anyone here have experience with pumping and feeding baby bottle when they also get to see and feed the baby in the middle of the day? This is my 4th week back, second full week, and I'm still...
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