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    Re: scratches on bottles

    I have BPA free bottles and from what I read from the instructions, it suggested to replace bottles when they have scratches. I hope that helps. If the bottles are wide mouth, a regular sponge is...
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    Re: regretting BF

    I found that my DS behaves differently with his grandparents and takes the bottle much easier than when I try to give it to him. Try doing a dry run with the person who will be watching your LO...
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    Re: How long between poops?

    My DS goes anywhere from 4-7 days without pooping and it is normal. but man when he goes, he goes! Once my DH did an early morning change half asleep and didn't put the diaper tight enough and it...
  4. Re: Will my LO forever reek of BM cheese?

    My DS had the same thing, in the morning and before bed i just use a wet wash cloth and i wipe between the folds. You have to pull apart the folds. I noticed that if i didn't do it, his folds gets...
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