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  1. Re: Bottle troubles! Returning to work

    My lo never really took to the bottle, we just went straight to sippy cups and never looked back, but he was seven months when I went back to work
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    Re: Back to work, losing supply

    That is such a clever idea! I need to get one too :)
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    sleeping long stretches

    Ok, probably an easy question, but I'm super confused! If I co-sleep with my little one he will sleep 8-9 hours, nurse, sleep 3-4 hours, up for the day. When he sleeps in his crib, he is up every...
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    Re: Excess lipase with 2nd baby?

    I've heard that it can come and go, so hopefully it won't be an issue this time! :)
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    Re: Need help using nipple shield

    I'd stop giving the bottles for a bit and just focus on getting back to him nursing without the nipple shield, once he's solid, then you can start easing some bottles back in.
  6. Re: Mother taking supplements- help or hurt?

    I don't think it would hurt personally!
  7. Re: How average weight gain is determined

    My Dr didn't go from the lowest, she went off his birth weight. I would bet most drs go off birth weight, because you can't really know the lowest weight, unless you weight them every day.
  8. Re: Tips/support for weathering a growth spurt

    Netflix... :)
  9. Re: what is going on??? no weight gain?

    I agree with Meg, it sounds like perhaps something more is going on. Was your Dr concerned about his weight at all on the 30th?
  10. Re: Can not eating be a sign of a growth spurt?

    My guess is he is getting more efficient at nursing, that can happen around three months. I'd say as long as he's having plenty of wet/dirty diapers, just go with the flow. Keep offering but don't...
  11. Re: How much Milk alongside Solids at Nursery

    My little guy only drinks 3-4 ounces of milk over an eight hour separation too. He just refuses to drink out of the bottle and only wants solids and water. He's been like that since eight months...
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    Re: Duration of Nursing

    Just give it time, she is so young and should get faster with time. You could try nursing in a sling, that would allow you to be out and about more easily
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    Re: baby's not gaining weight

    Hey thanks! He was 8.7 at birth, 11.15 at two months, 19.5 at four months, 22.14 at six months, these are the official Dr weights, all naked, all different scales. He hasn't had any illnesses, he's...
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    Re: baby's not gaining weight

    Any thoughts anyone?
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    Re: Going Insane!

    6 oz of formula is not very much, I would just cut him cold turkey from the formula. But I disagree with limiting how long he nurses for, I'd let him nurse as much and for as long as he would like. ...
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    Re: All night comfort nursing

    Yep, totally normal! My little guy did the exact same thing, it stopped at some point... 3-4 months I think
  17. Re: Right breast doesn't seem to empty

    Maybe the right just is just a better producer then the left :) my boobs don't produce evenly!
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    Re: Time to Start Solids?

    I thought by 12 months the baby's iron reserves are running low so they need to start eating food to rebuild/maintain it. If she's interested I guess I would let her start exploring solids now!
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    baby's not gaining weight

    Hey all, I'm looking for a little reassurance here. My little guy hasn't gained any weight in six weeks and I'm kinda starting to get nervous. I know after six months the weight gain is supposed to...
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    Re: Need to Wean Before Trip?

    If its just one night I would think your supply would be robust enough at this point to handle missing the two feeds and don't think you would get overly engorged, probably wouldn't hurt to bring a...
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    starting to wean

    Hey all, I'm starting to wean my little guy, I'm doing baby led and trying to respect what he wants to do, but he is really taking to solids a lot quicker then I thought! Today he ate half a pancake,...
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    Re: Want to make a big mistake right.

    So she's only been on formula for four days? How much formula does she get daily? How has her weight gain been? Do you give her the milk you pump?
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    very distractable baby

    At least I think that's what the problem is. He used to be able to nurse in public no problem, he was hungry and just ate. This last weekend that all went to hell, we traveled four hours away from...
  24. anyone donate blood while nursing?

    So I'm debating if I should donate blood or not. The red cross allows it. I'm just wondering if anyone has donated and had a significant drop in milk supply? Or donated with no issues? Any thoughts...
  25. how long should baby go at night?

    Hey all! My little one is 5.5 months old and has started sleeping for 7-9 hours at night without nursing. He has only done it the last three nights, so it could change in a heartbeat :) but for now...
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