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    Re: do i give water or not?

    DS had similar issue except it was so bad he cried. I fed pears, plums and also apple juice and that unbinded him in about 24 hrs. Then he didn't STOP pooping :-) So now I give him apple juice in...
  2. Re: Should I start solids on a 4 month old?

    Every appt from 1 month on my ped tried to get me to add cereal to a nightime bottle but I refused. My son has hypotonia and is seen by a speach pathologist for feeding. She reccomended cereal at 4...
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    no eye contact while BF

    Ok maybe I am being too sensitive, but I wonder why DS NEVER makes eye contact with me while nursing? Anybody else experience that. He does make eye contact when he is not being held by me, but not...
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    Re: sudden loss of milk at 6 months

    I am seperated from DS a lot, I only BF 3 times a day on weekdays, and even then DS does not drink much. I do pump after 2 of those sessions, please 2 other times a day.

    At 7months my period came...
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    Re: Yo baby yogurt

    IRT 'big ol' tub of Stoneyfield plan full fat yogurt' - how long does that last, bc DS is eating very little of this.
  6. Re: 1st week back to work - advice please

    Thanks. At his 1 month and 2 month Drs appt. she reccomended introducing cereal into the milk. I had wanted to hold off until he was 6 months because of the food allery scare. Dr. insists the food...
  7. 1st week back to work - advice please

    My son is 11 weeks old today. I started back to work 5 days ago. In 5 days he went from taking 3 oz at a feeding to now taking 5.5 oz. I nurse him at 5AM and do not return home until between 7PM...
  8. Re: How many poop & pee diapers at 3weeks?

    At 4 weeks old my son did not have a bm for 2 days. After that he changed to 1-2 bm every 24 hrs. My Dr. told me not to worry as long as I was getting wet diapers, and call her if he went 3 days...
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    Re: Fenugreek & Blessed Thistle

    JamesMommy, how do you know he is not getting enough at the breast. I had a similar situation 3 weeks ago (my son is 8 weeks now). I was taking all the same supplements plus Mother's Milk tea 4...
  10. Re: BF with hypotonia (low muscle tone)

    I tried the dancer hold and he cried, I assume I am doing it wrong. My nipples are not that sore anymore, just slightly. It used to hurt to wear breast pads against them, not anymore. Now they...
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    Re: Lansinoh Latch Assist

    I used it. One of my nipples isn't as good as the other, and sometimes my son has a hard time grabbing it at first. Rolling my nipple doesn't always help. I could use a hand pump for a couple...
  12. Re: BF with hypotonia (low muscle tone)

    yes. Is that not normal? It has been better the last 3 days though. I have been working hard on reducing my milk supply and that seems to be helping a lot. I have also tried to concentrate on...
  13. Re: BF with hypotonia (low muscle tone)

    I did speak to a leader, she didn't have any comments. She is sending me info on the their next meeting, which is in 2 weeks, and I plan on going.

    I will check out this dancing position and...
  14. BF with hypotonia (low muscle tone)

    My son was born with hypotonia. This has presented huge issues for him, one of them being breastfeeding. For the first week of his life I squeezed my milk through a breast shield to him. At this...
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