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  1. Re: What names have your babies called BF?

    DD calls it may-may. :)
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    Biting & lowered interest

    Hi everyone,

    My DD is 13.5 months now. Up til a couple of weeks ago, she was nursing 6-7 times a day at 1-3 times at night. She eats solids 3x/day but not very much at a time. She's only got 4...
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    Rescue Remedy?

    My DD is 3 months and just started having a 5-7 hour sleep stretch at night, yet I can't seem to get more than 2 hours in a row. So a lactation consultant/doula recommended this. Has anyone tried...
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    Jury duty (Nevada)!

    So I just got one of those questionnaires from the U.S. District Court--the ones you fill out to determine if you're eligible for jury duty. There was a list of reasons I might be excused, including...
  5. Re: Can't get her to sleep (and green poop)--Need help!

    I've tried swaddling her after she's asleep, but she wakes right up every time. :shrug
  6. Re: Can't get her to sleep (and green poop)--Need help!

    I'm already on a 6 hour block feeding schedule and my LC doesn't recommend going any longer.

    I've only been feeding her about every other wakeup because she's not hungry every time. I'd feed...
  7. Can't get her to sleep (and green poop)--Need help!

    I need advice asap.

    Siena is 11.5 weeks old and has been sleeping TERRIBLY for the past week.

    I do swaddle her, but she's been protesting it loudly. She still has the moro reflex, so without...
  8. Re: DD won't stay asleep after nighttime feeding--help!

    Yes, I nurse with her swaddled. It's when she wakes back up later. Not every time, but sometimes, she'll scream until I unswaddle her. Then once I get her calmed back down, she protests being...
  9. Re: DD won't stay asleep after nighttime feeding--help!

    Yes, she is swaddled. But usually by the 2nd waking after her feeding, she wants out and protests VERY loudly if I try to swaddle her back up. She just wants to be out and awake.
  10. DD won't stay asleep after nighttime feeding--help!

    My DD is 2.5 months old, and this has been going on for the past week or so. She eats once at night, normally sometime between 1:30-3:00 am. She usually goes right back to sleep after. The problem...
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    Re: How do I fix bad latch? BF hurts!

    Ditto this! My DD's mouth just wasn't big enough when she was first born--I also have overactive letdown, so her latch was as good as it could be given the circumstances. It took a good 3 weeks for...
  12. Suddenly in love with the swing!

    When we first put her in it, DD HATED it. Then she got to where she would go for 15-20 minutes, and then start crying. This afternoon, I was about to put her down for a nap--which means rocking her...
  13. OT - Question for babywearers...

    So, I normally carry Siena in my ring sling for a few hours a day, and pretty much anytime I go out anywhere. I can get some basic chores done around the house while wearing her, but let's face it, I...
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    Re: Moms that Breastfeed on a Routine

    My DD is 2 months old now, I feed on demand, and she eats about 7-8 times a day, unless she's going through a growth spurt or doesn't feel well. And she only nurses for about 10 minutes each time. ...
  15. Re: Help - I'm I too quick to feed her?

    She sleeps in bed with us, but sometimes she sleeps with her eyes partially open. lol. So I'm never totally sure. And if she's not wanting to nurse and I try, she cries, and sometimes quite loudly....
  16. Re: Help - I'm I too quick to feed her?

    Okay, but what about at night? Do you think I'm messing up her sleep by getting her up whenever she starts whimpering? Should I wait to see if she settles herself back to sleep? And how long? ...
  17. Help - I'm I too quick to feed her?

    Hi everyone,

    Just had an exhausting night. My daughter Siena is 2 months old. She normally wakes up once during the night, and is up for 30 minutes to an hour. Well, night before last, she woke...
  18. Settle this argument: is this a "schedule"??

    Hi everyone,

    My DD is 8 weeks old. My hubby has been saying for weeks that he thinks I should put her on a schedule--having her eat at the same times everyday. I've told him NO WAY, because it...
  19. Re: Decongestant (Phenylephrine) & milk supply

    Hmm..we've been through a couple of growth spurts already, one at 3 weeks and one at 6 weeks, and she was still happy with one side. I was actually able to do 6 hour block feeds through the last one....
  20. Decongestant (Phenylephrine) & milk supply

    Need some suggestions here! My DD is 8 weeks old. Weight gain/diaper output are both great.

    So last week, I had a killer cold. Called my OB's office and talked to the triage nurse. She told me...
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    Re: Some semblance of routine?

    NO! LOL. We keep the carseat in the house between car trips and she naps in it at home. :)
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    Re: Some semblance of routine?

    Yes, we're co-sleeping. We have a Snugglenest, but she'll only sleep in it at night, and even then she wakes up quite a bit. During the day, she naps either in her sling, or in her carseat (not...
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    Some semblance of routine?

    I must be honest here--I'm getting sooo worn out! My LO is 6 weeks now, and insists on taking a long evening nap, then is a pill to get down at night. I've even tried cutting her nap short, but...
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    DD rarely "looks" satisfied.

    My DD is 5 weeks old. Her diaper output and weight gain are good (9lbs 8oz at 2 weeks, now 10lbs 12 oz).

    She tends to fuss at the breast, sometimes just a little, sometimes like crazy. Yesterday...
  25. Re: 5 week old pulling off/fussing - help please!

    The problem is usually during the afternoon/early evening and occasionally in the middle of the night. I don't think less milk is the problem, though. I have an oversupply. It barely takes a pinch...
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