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  1. Re: IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    Is it possible to add more nursing sessions? Offer more often, dream nurse.... I'd try to increase his intake of breast milk over anything else. It's the perfect food.

    You can do this. :hug
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    Re: I need words of encouragement

    My girls hated bottles. All three of them.

    If you nurse him before you leave, at lunch and the moment you pick him up, he should be okay. Offering a bottle is okay. If he takes it, that's fine....
  3. Re: 11month old won't swallow anything other than breastmilk

    All 3 of my girls didn't really start solids until they were more than a year old. Especially DD1 who would gag on just about anything. I swear she took years off my life. :lol

    The majority of...
  4. Re: IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    I also don't know much about IUGR. However, would it be possible for your LLL Leader and Public Health Nurse could help you to find a new doctor that is more breast feeding friendly? I'm no...
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    Re: Balancing sleep & feeding

    Infants sleep. Any sort of expectation of a schedule is one for adults, not babies. Personally, I would wake to feed her in the middle of the night. If you can lay down to "dream nurse" her, that...
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    Re: Help! Baby is Breast Feeding Fiend!

    He's probably got a little growth spurt coming. These marathon sessions are tough, but they're short (although they feel like they go forever). With my girls I found they were typically over them...
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    Re: Handling requests to nurse in public

    I'm sorry, that wasn't my intent. What I meant was that your worries / stress about other's perception of you, shouldn't be your driver to make a parenting decision. I'm a firm believer that we...
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    Re: Handling requests to nurse in public

    DD3 is now 23 months. She nurses a bed time, through the night, in the morning and at naps if I'm home. She'll also nurse if she's having a meltdown or is hurt.

    Thinking out loud here, but your...
  9. Re: Newborn (1 week) and low milk supply!! Help!!

    It doesn't sound to me like you have low supply. Your baby is only 9 days old. Her stomach is the size of a grape. 1 oz would fill a grape and then some.

    If she's nursing frequently, your...
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    Re: cow's milk.. sippy cup vs. bottle

    I gave the girls sippy's. I just had them out so that they could sort of "graze" on them, drink as they wanted. They learned to use them. They still go the majority from me when I was home via...
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    Re: Pump and dump?

    Personally, I wouldn't bother pumping and dumping. I doubt that one cup would irritate your baby.

    If anything, I'd probably pump it and freeze it. When your baby outgrows the reflux, you'll be...
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    Re: Nervous

    I wanted to highlight these statements. These are all POSITIVE!

    If he's got good wet and poopy diapers, there's lots coming out because there's a lot going IN! :thumbsup He's happy and content. ...
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    Re: nursing like a newborn :/

    Yup. All of the above.

    I found distraction worked best for us. So offering a new toy, colouring, show, going outside, food item, whatever. "How about some apple/peach/etc.?" had the added...
  14. Re: DS is 2--DH becoming less supportive of nursing

    I'd suggest you turn it around and ask him what he hopes to achieve by weaning. Does he think it will make the baby "grow up"? Time makes children grow up. What does he propose will happen in...
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    Re: Heading to ER

    I'd also start to look into what you can do to help build up your own immune system. Chronic disease is a symptom of a deeper issue with your immune system not responding the way it should. ...
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    Re: I need help

    You had mentioned earlier how often he eats. Are you feeding him by the clock or on demand, when he asks? I often found with my girls that if I watched their queues closely and I nursed when they...
  17. Re: I'm not ready to wean he isn't either

    I have 3 girls. 5, 3 and 22 months. In September when DD3 was 20 months, I went away on my first business trip for 3 nights. Other than giving birth to their siblings, I had never been away from...
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    Nipple Shields, Are They Safe?

    Just saw this on Dr Jack Newman's facebook post - thought I'd share it here:

    An article about nipple shields. Written by Anne Chevalier McKechnie and Anne Eglash, published in BREASTFEEDING...
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    Re: Wean 10 month old with cold sore?

    Just thinking (I know this is an old post but I'm just seeing it now)....

    She's got new bottom teeth at 10 months. Was she playing with her new teeth and biting / chewing her top lip? When they...
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    Re: Introducing Solids this week :D

    I'd suggest that you look into making your own baby food. There are so many fillers, sugar and salts in prepared baby foods. :p At least when you make it, you know the quality of the ingredients...
  21. Re: 12 week old baby has green poos and fusses at breast

    Dr. Jack Newman just wrote about this on his facebook page, so I thought I'd post it here:

    Dr.Jack Newman
    13 hours ago
    I was just asked by email to post about green bowel movements (stools,...
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    Re: Pressure to wean from hubby

    I have 3 girls, 40 months apart. So I've been pregnant / nursing / nursing & pregnant for over 5 years now. :love

    I sleep with the baby in the other room (now 20 months). It's easier and safer...
  23. Re: Leaving my co-sleeping 15 month for 3 days

    I just left my 19 month old, cosleeping DD3 with DH for 4 days. She did great. So did he!

    They know they don't get nursing with Dad. Dad needs to figure out his own coping techniques. DH has...
  24. Re: Feeding on demand - When does it get easier

    Keep in mind that your top priority is to baby. So any suggestions or advice or complaints received - your first question should be "is this best for my baby"? If the answer is no, it's more for my...
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    Re: My first business trip

    :love Agreed!
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