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  1. Re: Help! Preventing recurrent mastitis?

    Well, he chokes on the milk at the beginning of most feedings, so I think I have a strong let down. But my breasts are not hard or uncomfortably full.

    No nipple problems at all. But thanks...
  2. Help! Preventing recurrent mastitis?

    Hi ladies,

    I haven't been on this forum in a while, but with the arrival of our new son earlier this month, I'm back with questions! Here's the story:
    I never had mastitis with my first child....
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    Re: nipple confusion or shallow latch?

    The thing I found helpful with both of mine was making the breast flatter (a "breast sandwich") before latching baby on. Thumb on top, fingers beneath, gently squeeze. This helps the nipple to stand...
  4. Re: Introducing bottles of breastmilk to an 8 week old???

    Good advice from PP. I don't have BTDT experience, but my sister-in-law left her little guy for several hours recently. She knew he'd been refusing a bottle, so she left bottles...AND a dropper. Baby...
  5. Re: How to entertain 2 year old while nursing newborn?

    Mine are 21 months apart. First of all, my toddler continued going to preschool part-time every weekday. I love his tiny school, his teachers, and the other kids, and he loves to go. So it was great...
  6. Re: Sleeping through the night and milk supply

    I certainly would.

    Nope, your body will just figure out that baby doesn't need to eat till later in the morning, and it will adjust.

    Yes. My daughter started sleeping 10+ hour stretches...
  7. Re: FTM problem with latching on one side

    Sounds like things are going pretty well. You know what a good latch feels like, so hang in there with maintaining it...even if you have to unlatch and start over. I made the mistake of nursing...
  8. Re: Having issues - need suggestions from experienced moms

    Yes, as long as wets/dirties are okay and baby is gaining weight, you are doing fine.
    However, you said you were concerned that baby might not be getting enough milk, and I wanted to mention that...
  9. Re: How often does your 10 month old nurse in 24 hours?

    Four times every 24 hours. By 10 months, milk supply is usually very well established and will not vanish if you go longer than 3 hours. FWIW, my daughter started sleeping 12 hour stretches overnight...
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    Re: Need help with oversupply

    The pumping sounds like the problem. I think the rule of thumb is to pump for every feeding you miss. But it sounds like you are pumping 2x/day AND while at work? That's probably unnecessary. Just...
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    Re: Sleep all night?

    :clap for sleep! Sounds like he's doing great. I wouldn't wake a baby who's growing so well. My little girl slept through at 6 weeks and has been ever since. You may be one of the lucky ones.
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    Re: Breasts always seem full

    Yep, just watch wets/dirties and nurse on demand. My two usually only took one side at a feeding. Perfectly normal.
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    Re: Baby feeding changed at 10 days

    Good advice from others. Just wanted to say...exclusive pumping/bottle feeding is going to end up being MUCH more work in the long run. Give this a couple days. I'm totally thinking "growth spurt."...
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    Re: Let sleeping baby lie?

    Not sure about the green poop. Hopefully others will chime in.
    Provided weight gain and wet/dirty diapers are normal, I am a firm believer in letting sleeping babies lie. From what I've read here, I...
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    Re: Family, stress, & milk

    Well, if you're like me you will have the baby 8 days after your due date. Add 1 day in the hospital, and you only have to put up with unwanted company for 1 more day!

    Seriously though, I agree...
  16. Re: I hope it's not too nosy and won't offend anyone, but how old are you?

    Guess I'm one of the youngest on here...22.
    Last night I was performing (banjo in a folk band:cool:) and someone thought I was 15. Argh. Nope, I'm married to that guy over there and I have two...
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    Re: weird head motions

    1. Count diapers (see link from PP on normal number of wets/dirties.)
    2. Watch weight gain.
    3. Poop color can vary and still be normal.
    4. Don't worry! Rest and drink and enjoy your baby.
  18. Re: Question for my SIL...green poop, rash

    Diaper rash on the bum. And I was thinking possible food sensitivity because the poop can be mucusy...not usually associated with foremilk/hindmilk imbalance I think?
  19. Question for my SIL...green poop, rash

    My sister-in-law has a five-week-old son. He has had a diaper rash off and on since he was a few days (maybe a week?) old. Not too severe I don't think, but red and "angry". He has also had green...
  20. Re: About to give up, please help my baby latch!

    Just wanted to say hang in there. I had a very similar experience with my son. Painful, cracked and bleeding nipples that did not heal forever (okay, for ten weeks). I did exclusively pump and bottle...
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    Re: weird head motions

    How is her diaper output and weight gain?
    She may be getting more efficient at nursing and signaling that she is finished. Do you try to burp her and then latch her back on? Sometimes my...
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    Re: Refusal of Second Breast

    Agreeing with all PP's. My babies generally took one side at a time. I always offered the second, but if they refused it that was okay (and happened a lot). I wouldn't mess with pumping, bottles,...
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    Is this mastitis? ADVICE PLEASE

    So, I am exclusively breastfeeding my 4.5 month old daughter. Last night, I noticed tenderness in my left breast. I brushed it off and continued with my evening (musical performance). I started...
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    Re: low weight at 4 months

    No experience with this, but I would be somewhat concerned with that small weight gain. Are you making sure to empty each breast before switching? That's to make sure baby gets the fatty...
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    Re: How long do you let them sleep?

    I disagree that 4 oz. is necessarily too much. Both mine only nursed 6-7x/day from the very beginning, quickly cutting back to 4-5x/day. I've done some before-and-after weighs and my babies have...
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