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    milk donation

    Hi everyone,
    My daughter is done breastfeeding and I have over 100 oz in the freezer. I've googled a couple places online because i'd like to donate what's left. I want to use a reputable company...
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    Re: Should I be pumping?

    thanks ladies! what's weird is i didn't have this problem with y first! i'm hoping this evens out sooner than later!!
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    Should I be pumping?

    Hi everyone, I have an 11 day old who all of a sudden is SUPER gassy, pulling off breast, making clicking noise, etc. After reading all these posts, sounds like oversupply/overactive letdown....I've...
  4. Baby #2 having so much trouble, please advice!

    Hi all, Just had my second daughter 10 days ago, my first is 21 months, I breastfed exclusively 7 months and she did great, never a snag except some soreness in the beginning. Second baby started out...
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    Re: Newborn with jaundice not pooping

    when my daughter came home from the hospital 2 weeks ago she was jaundice, but bilirubin was in acceptable range The pediatrician told us to feed her hourly if I could and every other feeding do 1 oz...
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    Re: lazy eater

    my daughter is 2 weeks, we are up sometimes every 25 minutes, she falls asleep after about 10 minutes of feeds, glad to hear I'm not the only one! best of luck!
  7. Re: how/when to switch sides when feedin

    Milk is in, and dirty/wet diapers are frequent!!!!!! Ok, now I don't feel so bad about doing just one at a time, it does increase the frequency and I feel a bit lopsided, but I'd rather not have to...
  8. how/when to switch sides when feeding?!

    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for all your support on previous posts. I currently am BF my 1 1/2 week old, we're doing MUCH better than when we got home, still some occasional latching issues but overall...
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    Re: Can't satisfy baby at night- help!

    it's funny, i was just about to post the exact same thing. I have a 2 week old, during the day we do great, she stays awake to feed, but from like 9-1 am it's a nightmare, literally! She feeds, i put...
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    Re: Stinging nipple

    i sometimes get that after my daughter feeds, sometimes it feels like i rubbed menthol on it, but subsides within the hour. She latches shallowly sometimes and it definitely is worse when that...
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    questions from new mom/new BF

    Hi all, this seems like a great resource, glad I was able to find it. Have some questions, even though a couple days ago I was getting ready to quit BF, the past 24 hours we've had some progress. We...
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