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    Re: Stomach bug?

    I just had the bug last week. I kept DD in bed with me and nursed the whole time. They say that your lo gets antibodies from your breastmilk to keep them from getting it or getting as sick with it....
  2. Re: Want to be a SAHM - any ideas for work from home?

    I also work, but would love to be a SAHM. I just signed up with AVON in hopes that I can make it happen. There are lots of people who have changed their lives with AVON so I'm hoping I will to. ...
  3. Re: Which bottles are more like mom or best to use?

    It is just an experiment with babies to see which they will take. My ds liked the playtex vent-aire with the small nipple. I was going to use the same with my dd, but she didn't like those. We...
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    Re: How much can you pump?

    Sounds like you are doing pretty good. I have been back at work since my dd was 6 weeks and I have only been able to pump 3-4 ounces from one breast and 2 ounces from the other at my first pumping...
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    Re: Shots today! What to expect?

    Shots are tough on you and baby. You'll probably cry more than your lo will. My dd looked shocked and then cried as soon as they stuck her with the needle. I nursed her as soon as they were...
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    Fenugreek Question?????

    I just bought some Fenugreek at GNC. The bottle says to take one to two capsules daily. I keep reading threads here and people are taking 3 capsules 3 times daily. What is recommended to increase...
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    Are Vitamins okay?

    I have been nursing for 4 1/2 months now and I haven't been taking any vitamins. Each time I tried to start taking vitamins my milk would turn green so I would stop thinking that it could hurt the...
  8. Re: Plugged Duct? My breast is so sore ...NEED ADVICE

    Nurse as much as possible to pull out the plug and apply heat to loosen it up. If you can catch it early enough and get the plug out hopefully you won't get mastitis. If you start running a fever...
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    Re: Little Baby

    From what I have been told EBF babies tend to be smaller than formula fed babies. I would ignore the charts and as the PP said go by whether you think your baby is happy and healthy. It also...
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    Re: Sleeping arrangements

    My dd hated the bassinet as well and wouldn't sleep longer than 20 minutes in it. We ended up letting her sleep in her carseat next to our bed. She is 4 months old now and still sleeps in it. I...
  11. Re: Need Some Advise Please............

    My dd is 4 months old now and I went back to work at 6 weeks. I was frustrated at first because I wasn't pumping very much each day and thought that I should be able to pump 4 ounces from each side...
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    Re: Daycare wants more EBM, WWYD?

    How often do you pump at work? I work from 8 - 5 each day and generally feed dd right before leaving for work, my babysitter only lives 5 minutes away so I feed right before we leave. I then pump...
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    Re: My baby is farting....

    My LO went through that too at about 8 or 10 weeks. She was very gassy, still is some days, and her bowel movements really spaced out. She went a whole week and half without going and I was really...
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    Re: Daycare wants more EBM, WWYD?

    I am in exactly the same boat you are. My DCP feeds my 4 month old three 6oz bottles a day. I can only pump 16 oz each day. So I had to start supplementing one 2 oz bottle of formula. I thought...
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    Re: Three Month Growth Spurt

    More than likely it will last anywhere from a few days to a week, but probably no longer than that. Just keep him on the breast anytime he wants so that it will build supply. Your body will make...
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    Re: Does a white tongue mean thrush??

    My dd has always had a white toungue, but no thrush. They say it is milk residue. Look for watch patches in the mouth. They will be on the roof and sides too, not just on tongue. Also, watch for...
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    Re: Water.

    Our ped. told us that more than 2 ounces of water a day for a baby can throw off their electrolytes and cause seizures. I'd be careful giving too much water early on.
  18. Re: How much should a 3 month old be eating?

    She doesn't throw up after eating 8 ounces. If we only feed her 4 oz. she is fussy and just not content until she gets 8 ounces. I guess she's just a big eater.

    I really can't pump at home in...
  19. How much should a 3 month old be eating?

    My dd is 3 months and stays at daycare from 7:45 until 5:15 everyday. I send 16 oz of breast milk with her each day and am able to pump that much each day at work. She has started eating 3 - 8 oz...
  20. Re: How long to wait after birth to pump?

    I went back to work at 6 weeks and started pumping at 4 weeks. I was able to pump enough in 2 weeks to start my baby off at daycare. I would start anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks to build up a stash...
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    Re: mastitis and low milk supply

    I had the same thing. I was getting 4 oz out of affected breast and when I had mastitis, and even for a few days after I got over it, I was only pumping about 2 oz. My milk supply did come back...
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    Re: how and when to pump?

    I didn't start pumping at all until my dd was 4 weeks old. I had to go back to work at 6 weeks so I started storing up for daycare. I would usually pump about 45 minutes after her first feeding in...
  23. Re: my milk has suddenly stopped coming in

    I agree with PP. As long as your lo is not losing weight everything is probably okay. Be sure to watch the wet/dirty diaper output. I wouldn't worry too much that you aren't getting much when you...
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    Re: going back to work while BF

    You definitely need to start pumping and get some milk stored up. Have you tried leaving your baby yet and letting someone else feed her? My LO wouldn't take a bottle at first either. We tried...
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    Re: Pumping in the evenings

    I also pump 3 times at work (9:30, 12:30, and 3:30). I am usually able to pump about 12 oz while at work. I don't pump at all in the evenings and my dd seems to eat constantly. I have been reading...
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