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    Re: Frustrated

    I had the same issue with my oldest son. He was 3 weeks early, wouldn't latch on at first. I didn't pump the 8-12 times a day because I was so utterly exhausted. KWIM. Then when he was about a month...
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    Re: Past 18 months: why?

    Having a toddler is tiring! The nice thing about nursing a toddler is you get to sit down. LOL!

    My toddler is #2. I didn't nurse my oldest this long. My boys are 2 1/2 and 15 months. I must say...
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    Anyone ever get positive criticism?

    Not sure if that is the right word to describe it. DS is 13 months old. Right around his first birthday, I was asked almost daily by friends and relatives if he was weaned or if I was going to wean...
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    Re: Calories increase breast milk?

    I've bf both my boys. My second has always been a breeze, but my oldest son didn't latch on for the first 3 weeks. Even after that, he was a weak nurser and needed a bottle afterwards for quite some...
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    Re: Solids at 4 months

    When I introduced solids, we started with 1-2 tbsp cereal. When they were up to 4 tbsp a meal, I added a second meal. When they gobbled down the 4 tbsp cereal, I would add fruits and veggies. The...
  6. Re: Vetrans - do tell . . .how do you do it????

    The early weeks/months are tough, but I promise if you hang in there, the reward is sweet. I've bf both my boys, the first for 4 months. I regretted weaning him so early. We had supply issues and I...
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    Re: Worried about slow weight gain

    Thank you Carol.

    I hope the pedi gives her proper advice. Doctors all too often recommend supplementing when a baby is slow to gain weight, rather than refer a woman to a lactation consultant or...
  8. Re: Sage tea for overabundant milk problems?

    Be VERY careful. I used Sage as an ingredient in a dinner one night, and it took me a week to get my supply back up. It's very potent stuff. It's better to have an oversupply, than an undersupply.
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    Worried about slow weight gain

    I'm worried about my friend's baby. She has 3 children and has successfully breastfed the first 2 for a year and she is currently bf her 4 month old. The problem is the baby was 7 lbs at birth and...
  10. Shocked that books and mags define weaning as giving up the bottle!

    I received a new Parenting magazine the other day and on the cover it gave suggestions on "weaning". I opened it up and all it mentioned was how to get baby off of a bottle and onto a sippy cup...
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