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    thumb sucking

    My 2 month old has recently figured out how to suck her thumb and seems to really enjoy it. I'm worried about it though, because it seems that in the last week since she's been doing it, she has...
  2. Re: Baby will be born today, might have problems swallowing

    Just wanted to update!

    Baby Tessa was born tonight at 8:48pm. The peds came and scooped her to the side of the room and suctioned the meconium, but they did not feel the need to put a tube down...
  3. Re: Baby will be born today, might have problems swallowing

    They said that they didn't see any problems with her heart or stomach by ultrasound, but that there could be things that they can't detect until she's out.
  4. Re: Baby will be born today, might have problems swallowing

    I am 41 weeks today. My fluid level was 35, and they said they expect it to be about 12-15, so it was much more than they expect. They don't know why. They said it could indicate a problem...
  5. Baby will be born today, might have problems swallowing

    At my OB appt yesterday, they found that my amniotic fluid was very high and they decided that they want to induce me. They said it could indicate that my baby has a problem with swallowing. I'm...
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    Re: How Much Milk-Conflicting Info

    I would pretty much agree with the first one you mentioned. I thought it was so interesting to see how at my dd's daycare, where half the babies were FF and the other half BF, how the BF babies...
  7. Re: Reverse Cycling, Night Waking, and Needing to Be Functional

    I agree that it is less safe for you to be on the couch with baby than on the bed. My DH wasn't into co-sleeping, so I ended up sleeping in the guest bed with baby after her first night-waking.
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    Re: breast pump blues

    I used the Ameda Purely Yours pump, which I think is just as good as the Medela PIS that most people seem to use, but is less expensive. It is also supposed to be somewhat safer to use 2nd hand...
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    Re: Legal Advice on Pumping in Workplace

    I would at the minimum send them a letter informing them of the law in the hopes that it may help other moms in the future or in other positions in the company. Does everyone where you work have...
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    Re: About low weight.....

    My dd is quite small for her age. She used to be in the 10-25% range when she was like 3-6 months, and then below 10, then 3, now she is below the chart. She is now 21.5 lbs at 27 months. She is...
  11. Re: To wean or not to wean....we're desperate

    I agree with the others. Unless your wife has special circumstances that make her pregnancy high risk, nursing during pregnancy should not be a problem if she wants to continue. Now, many women...
  12. Re: Conflicted About Changing Nursing Relationship

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I've heard of a lot of babies weaning due to pregnancy, and I was afraid that my dd would wean earlier than I wanted if I got pregnant. What I did...
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    Re: extended bf and daycare

    My lo is 14.5 months old and is in daycare full-time. I don't send any milk with her anymore, but I do still go to daycare and nurse her over my lunch break. The rest of the day she drinks a little...
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    Need more iron

    My daughter just had her iron level tested at her 12 month checkup and it came back low. On weekdays she is nursing about 3 times during the day and 3 more at night and eating table food for 3 meals...
  15. Re: Going on 10.5 months but DH is against extended BF

    It is the advice from a variety of doctors, and some are better than others. But to me I think it is apparent which opinions are backed up by evidence, and I think that would have a positive...
  16. Re: Going on 10.5 months but DH is against extended BF

    I would encourage your DH to read the following case study report in PEDIATRICS Vol. 114 No. 5 November 2004, pp. 1506-1509 (doi:10.1542/peds.2004-1721V) called Parental Concerns About Extended...
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    Re: Advocating for a place to pump?

    I wrote a proposal for a lactation room at my workplace, which is federal. I also wrote to my congressman for his support. My congressman contacted the organization for me twice regarding this. ...
  18. Re: Solids & Nursing--How Much/Often in 7 Month Old?

    My dd is 7.5 months old. She nurses 4-5 times during the day and then snacks more times in the night. She also eats 1 oz of food twice per day between nursings.
  19. Re: Sick of Pumping, can I get baby and daycare to quit two bottles?

    My dd is 7 months old and I also go nurse her during lunch. I send 2 cups of 2 oz each which she gets with her solids at 10 am and 3 pm. I nurse her on drop-off and pick-up as well, so she is only...
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    Re: Do you and your LO have a special song

    For us it is Baby Beluga by Raffi. DH sang it to her since she was just tiny and now it always calms her down. Many times DH and I are in the car singing that song over and over. If we stop, she...
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    Re: Working mom wants to be leader

    I just wanted to share with you that I attend an evening LLL group with lots of working moms and one of our leaders works full-time. So it can be done! It's great for us to have a leader who knows...
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    Re: Latched on all night

    My daughter did the exact same thing and it lasted about a week and then stopped for several weeks. The last 3 nights she is at it again. I think it must be some kind of phase she is going through....
  23. Re: Daycare says breastfeeding over lunch will be an inconvenience

    I'm glad that you've worked it out to have a different provider who will be supportive of you and breastfeeding. I just wanted to say that I go nurse my baby at daycare during my lunch break and I...
  24. Temas: period?

    by @llli*avolk

    Re: period?

    I have had spotting twice which I thought was going to turn into my period, and then didn't. I'm so happy it hasn't come back yet! :D
  25. Re: Does Nursing help Baby sleep better at night?

    My LO used to sleep through the night 10 hours when I was home on maternity leave. Then I went back to work part-time and she started waking 1-2 times in the night to nurse. Now I am back to work...
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