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  1. Re: HELP - Added Milk back into diet - Baby refusing to eat!!

    well, at least now you know where the sensitivity lies! Sorry for your rough day. Anyway, I also limit my dairy and have found it helps my 6.5 mo. old reflux baby a lot. I've added in a little bit...
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    Re: Reflux and Diet

    Got to second that eliminating dairy from my diet has helped my son a LOT. He is also on zantac so I can't say for sure what the true agent of change has been, but the zantac didn't really start...
  3. Re: Calling all block feeders...night time confusion

    I'm so tired I lose track during the day! It helps to look at which side of the couch the pillows are propped up on. :o
  4. Re: Nearly every nursing session ends in fussing-to-screaming!

    Thanks, mammas! You guys rock. I really appreciate the support and the "been there's". I'm happy to report that nursing has gotten easier -- there is a lot less screaming and pulling back -- and I...
  5. Nearly every nursing session ends in fussing-to-screaming!

    Hi all,

    I'm new here, and I thank you in advance for the help.

    DS is 5 months old and we've been having a bit of trouble nursing for the past month and a half. (the first 3 mos. or so were a...
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