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  1. Re: Engoregment 12 days after weaning

    It took 2.5 months to wean him. It's odd that it's happening now as my daughter self-weaned rather abruptly and I didn't have this issue. I guess I just got lucky with her.
    Thanks for your reply.
  2. Engoregment 12 days after weaning

    I gradually weaned my 14 month old twelve days ago. But, I am engorged, painfully so. I've been trying the cabbage leaf method for three days now to no luck.
    Help! Should I pump one more time and...
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    pumping and surgery

    My son was born with 1/2 of his mouth paralysied. It has since resolved itself, but because of that, I've been pumping since he was born (he just could not latch on no matter what was tried). He is...
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    Re: 11 mo baby's needs

    I'm new here, but here is my experience.
    My baby is 11 months. I had to start weaning her at 11 months too.
    Her ped. said it was o.k. to sub. cows milk for some of the breastmilk. Until 12...
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