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  1. Re: Preemie Home and Thriving - Transition to EBF?

    I just wanted to update on my thread and give thanks again for the help. Baby is now almost 5 months old and a champion nurser! I have been back to work for 5 weeks and have been blessed with a...
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    Re: New momma with question

    I was in a similar situation as far as getting baby to latch. He did well in the NICU and with the nipple shield, but would fall asleep so quickly. Keep trying and as she gets closer to her due...
  3. Re: Preemie Home and Thriving - Transition to EBF?

    Thank you so much, mommal! Thanks in large part to your reply to me I decided to spend a couple of days on a "nursing holiday" and not focus so much on routine or trying to get anything done around...
  4. Re: My preemie is coming home soon, and I need help :(

    I am in a similar situation, DS was a 31 week preemie (now 8 weeks old, so almost to due date!) He is great at nursing with the nipple shield, and has latched on a few times without. I'm not sure...
  5. Preemie Home and Thriving - Transition to EBF?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, though I have been reading other threads and been reading The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. My son was born on 12/21/12 at 31 weeks and 3 days, a relatively...
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