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  1. Cow's milk question - need help ASAP!!

    Hi there!

    Per my pediatrician's OK, I have started to give my 11-month old small amounts of cows milk (whole, organic) with her meals in order to let her tummy start to adjust to it and prepare...
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    Re: Confused..don't know what to do!

    My daughter is 11 months, and if I recall, it was not until about 4 months that I started to feel "easy" with the nursing. I know many moms who quit within the first 4 months, and I remember saying...
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    Re: cow's milk vs. toddler formula

    I agree with the poster who said, "you are so close," I am in the same spot, and feeling ready to wean, but I know I need to hang in there for one more month.

    In the meantime, I have been given...
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    Re: Weaning making mom ill???

    I have not heard of any connection to coldlike illnesses and weaning, but I have heard from some women that they started to experience new allergies after their pregnancies. This is not medical...
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    Re: Finger foods

    Baked sweet potato cut into squares, steamed zucchini or broccoli tops cut up small (these are favorites of my 10-mo-old). Whole grain waffles with a little butter are also a big hit with her.
  6. Re: Can anyone recommend a book about starting solids (how, when, etc.)?

    The Healthy Baby Meal Planner by Annabel Karmel (I may have spelled her first name wrong, but the last name definitely begins with K).
  7. Re: When can I start giving table foods?

    I am with pp - as soon as my daughter started directing her own spoon to her mouth, I started with table foods. Herbs and spices are fine, but watch out for salt. It is in most of the foods we eat...
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    Re: Peanut Butter

    The Vermont Country Store catalog sells Sunflower Seed butter as a substitute. I have not tried it, but I may order a jar and check it out.

    I often make Hummus sandwiches for my 10 month old so...
  9. Re: What to do with pumped breastmilk?

    OMG, Freeze it!! It is so nice to have a back-up supply - you never know when you might need to get out for a few hours, and it is lovely to be able to leave hubby or nana in charge without worrying...
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    Re: night - Pump or wake him up?

    Oh my God, definitely PUMP!

    I say, NEVER wake a sleeping baby. Pump once, and then once you have a freezer supply built up, try not to pump at all and YOU sleep through the night as well. Get as...
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    Re: Just irritated!!!

    I wouldn't wory too much about the green poop if he seems sated, happy and healthy. You are still in the early stages, and you seem to be dealing with it right. You may be over-producing, which can...
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    Re: How to fix a bad latch?

    Oh, I remember that stage...the nighttime feedings are always worse because you are both tired and you (mom) are more easily frustrated (at least, I was...).

    I sought help from friends, lactation...
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    Re: nursing to sleep...bad for teeth?

    God, I certainly hope not. I know that letting babies go to bed with a bottle of milk/formula is bad for their teeth, because it sits on them all night as they suck. I guess the same could be true...
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    BTDTs Teething question

    Hello veteran moms,

    Can anyone tell me how long teething symptoms are supposed to last before they actually break a tooth?

    My daughter is 5 1/2 months - we first saw signs of teething at 3...
  15. Re: Cute answers to "When are you going to stop nursing?"

    How about,

    "I usually stop when she's full."

  16. Re: concerns about my overwieght baby

    I think he sounds great!

    My daughter was in the 56th percentile for height and the 96th for weight at 3 weeks (exclusively BF) :yikes

    At her 4-month, she was 78th and 80th percentiles,...
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    Re: is there a

    He sounds like a healthy boy to me! I would definitely not get hung up on timing, and NEVER wake him to feed unless you find he is failing to eat enough and not making dirty diapers or gaining...
  18. Re: How can I tell if it is a plugged duct, or what?

    Looks like this is old news now, but I had something to add. I got a plugged duct several weeks ago, I believe from wearing an underwire sports bra while working out.

    I put a heating pad on it...
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    Re: fat milk cow!!

    I love this response. Another favorite of mine is, "Oh my God, did you just say that OUT LOUD?"

    I think that you are family now, and you really need to tell her how you feel. It would be nice if...
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    Re: rice cereal?

    We started cereal (very runny with milk) at a little more than 4 months. We do it about 3 times a week, and she loves it. Its been about 3 weeks, and we have done some homemade veggies as well. She...
  21. Temas: help!

    by MelissaandEvie

    Re: help!

    Mine does that too! Its really cute - she just stares up at me and studies my face. I usually talk softly to her and sometimes she smiles, sometimes latches back on...it depends on the mood she is...
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    Re: breastfeeding diet

    In the beginning I ate like I was still pregnant, i.e., a LOT. I lost 35 of the 50 lbs. I gained within a few weeks, even while eating like a horse.

    Now, I do not count calories, but I definitely...
  23. Re: Bottle Strike II - The Standoff Continues (HELP!!)

    Thanks for replying ladies! We had always used Avent with a #1 nipple, and during the strike tried the #2, and then also tried a few Playtex nipples with the drop-ins...no luck!

    Eventually we...
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    Re: tough times...

    I remember a similar situation - my baby started out great, and then after about a week we had latching issues which led to cracked and painful nipples.

    I got a product called Vigilon from the LCs...
  25. Re: Bottle Strike II - The Standoff Continues (HELP!!)


    Any tips on getting baby to take a bottle? Please???
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