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  1. Re: Being apart from 2.5 year old for 4 days

    I had a couple work trips away from my first, once when he was just over 2 for 3 days, and then almost a week when he was 2.5. My experience is much the same as maddieb's: both times, I brought a...
  2. Re: Teaching 2 1/2 yr old to fall asleep without nursing

    If you can, I'd wait until a night when you don't have to get up early for anything the next day. It's probably going to be a rough night or couple of nights. Also, in the back of the "Nursies When...
  3. Re: work travel around age 2 - what will it look like?

    Mercystreet, I went on a couple of business trips when my DS was just over 2: one when he was 25 months for 3 days, I think, and the other when he was 29 months for a week. DS was still nursing at...
  4. Re: Teaching 2 1/2 yr old to fall asleep without nursing

    I understand how tired you are. My DS sounds really similar: at that age, good nights were 2-3 wake-ups, bad nights were much, much worse. I night-weaned my DS when he was 26 months old, I think,...
  5. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    So sweet! Good for you for continuing to nurse!

    Just awesome!

    :lol I could see my DS saying something like that, too :)
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    Re: Should I wean my 2 year old?

    I agree with the others: try to give your DH more one-on-one time with your toddler before you leave. I am an academic, and I have to go to conferences as part of my job. Before my DS was 2, I took...
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    Re: Should I hold on to my old pump?

    If you are still breastfeeding, I'd hold on to it, just because you never know what might happen. For example, I haven't pumped in a long time, but DS got tonsillitis and wouldn't nurse, so I ended...
  8. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    DS got a couple new dolls and stuffed animals for his birthday. The first thing he did after opening them was to bring them to me so they could nurse.
  9. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    DS's favorite song right now is "Jingle Bells." He loves "Jingle Bells", and he loves his "Muk." So, sometimes we sing "Jingle bells" while nursing. The result? Now he will sometimes ask for "Jingle...
  10. Re: Feeling the need to wean (10 months)

    Hang in there, Wendy300! I was in your shoes last year, except our wakings were every 45 minutes. DS, DH, and me got all kinds of crazy illnesses last winter, though thankfully not everybody got...
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    Re: Day (Pump) Weaning & Cow's milk?

    I agree with everything mommal said. One additional consideration, though, whether your daycare provider participates in the state or federal food program. If so, then you'll need a doctor's note if...
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    Re: When did you stop pumping?

    DS was just shy of 15 months when I stopped pumping at work. I had a huge freezer stash, which we are almost done using (6 months later!). DS still nurses whenever he's with me, and he nurses a lot.
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    Re: So sad today

    I agree with mommal and your DH--it's not necessarily over! My son is younger than yours (21 months now), but he had tonsillitis earlier this fall (at 18.5 months) and wouldn't nurse for 2 days,...
  14. Pumping for 24 mo. old while on business trip?

    My DS is 21 months right now. I need to go on a business trip to a conference in March, when he'll be 24.5 months old. The trip will probably be between 3-4 days, though I will try to shorten that if...
  15. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    DS was nursing on my lap, holding a leprachaun doll, when suddenly he unlatched, held the doll to my nipple, and said, "num num num." Since then, I have nursed multiple Elmo dolls, Elmo slippers, a...
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    Avoiding thrush?

    My 21 month old son and I are both on antibiotics. I am pretty sure this is just asking for a case of thrush. I have tons of tips on treating thrush, since we've had it before, but does anyone have...
  17. Re: Thinking about night weaning...advice?

    So far, we've done a big fat nothing. DH is still willing, and he's even said that I need to be more selfish with my sleep! But we've had visitors, and now we're going on an out of town trip for the...
  18. Re: Thinking about night weaning...advice?

    I do have a separate sleep space: our bedroom is on the top floor, and we have a guest room on the main level. DH is on board, too. I think splitting the night in half is a great idea. I will run it...
  19. Thinking about night weaning...advice?

    DS is 19.5 months old. He has always been a "frequent waker": he's gone through long periods of waking every 45 minutes to an hour. With RARE exceptions (like ear infection, stomach virus, and random...
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    Re: Need reassurance about pump weaning

    I was done pump weaning when my LO was 14.5 months old, and he's still nursing at 19 months. He doesn't STTN, though--not even close! But he still nurses quite a bit during the day, too, especially...
  21. Re: Breastfeeding while she has a cough.

    It's so hard when our LOs are sick! You are absolutely doing the right thing by continuing to breastfeed your DD while she has a cough! Your breastmilk if full of antibodies which will help your DD...
  22. Re: How did YOU do cow's milk transition and pump-weaning?

    I pump-weaned around 14 months, and it took me about a month to get rid of both sessions without feeling uncomfortable. I ended up dropping 1 session about every two weeks. I tried to drop 1 per...
  23. Re: what does toddler feeding really look like?

    It sounds normal to me, or at least it doesn't sound problematic. My DS is 18 months old, and he mostly does drive-by nursing during the day with two exceptions: the first time we nurse after I pick...
  24. Re: How often to pump and feed for a "sort of" nursing strik

    Thanks for the responses! I actually got DS to nurse a couple times last night when he wasn't fully awake. He also took some "juice" (90% water 10% juice) from a sippy. He's spitting out some of his...
  25. How often to pump and feed for a "sort of" nursing strike?

    My DS is 19 mo. old. He has tonsillitis, and he won't nurse. Well, he tries, but it hurts too much. He'll suck once or twice, and then he starts crying and backs away. I don't think we'll have an...
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