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  1. Re: (Inspirational!) My relactation & relatch story

    WOW! Thanks Katia11!!!! You made me feel so much better- like all this work WILL be worth it!!! I'm new to LLL, so I'm still learning this forum thing ;) I have an Ameda electric double pump that was...
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    Re: My relactation story

    Thank you for sharing!! I am currently trying to lactate for my 4 mo old, and this is SO inspiring!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
  3. Re: (Inspirational!) My relactation & relatch story

    Wow! This is so encouraging!!!!! I am wondering..... As I am trying to relactate for my 4-mo old baby girl (who BF for 3 weeks.... Weeks of screaming and no sleep, until this week we finally got her...
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