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  1. Re: Worried about adequate calorie intake for 11 mo. old

    I was really relieved to read the replies! I was so sure someone was going to confirm my fears that I was doing everything ALL WRONG :) I do know solids are just for practice and such until a baby...
  2. Worried about adequate calorie intake for 11 mo. old

    Sorry, I wasn't sure whether to post this question here or in the solids section because I'm concerned about my son's combined intake of solids and breastmilk.

    My big problem is lack of...
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    Lots of crying and slimy poop

    Apologies in advance for typos: typing one-handed on phone with baby passed out on my arm.

    Yesterday, out of the blue, DS (9 weeks) started getting fussier and fussier until, when I lay him down...
  4. Re: In-laws trying to give junk food to baby rant

    I truly feel your pain. My parents are the same--and DD is already four :angrypin. I guess it's true that babies/kids love sugar and eager grandparents will do anything for a smile, even if it is at...
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    Re: Are my boobs going to disappear?

    It's really interesting how everyone's breasts respond differently. Some women get smaller and some stay big. I could be wrong, but if you haven't changed that much in size, most likely you won't...
  6. Re: can he he addicted to nursing? mentally? physically?

    Hey there, I totally sympathize with what you're going through. I don't think your little guy is addicted or anything, but it sounds like he really needs to be close to you at this time. Has he...
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    Re: "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    I have to say that I think it's impossible to guess what kind of lovey your child might prefer. DD's choices were utterly random (one was a cheap baby wash cloth, the other a soft toy dog, even...
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    Re: Hates being covered

    DD was the same, and I just had to accept it was her personal preference. She also would gasp and suck in air, whenever I pulled a shirt over her head, so I think she had a very real fear of having...
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    Re: Milk catcher

    Hmm, interesting. We're you nursing two kids though? Could be the older one was helping to get the milk out efficiently. DD was not a good nurser, as a baby, which might explain all the excess...
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    Milk catcher

    It's way too early for me to be worrying about this (am still only in my first trimester), but I suddenly remember how badly I leaked the first few months breastfeeding DD--I'd wake up in the...
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    Re: Boobs after weaning

    I bet age has something to do with how well your boobs...er, bounce back. The older you are, the less fat and elasticity, which might mean more sagging. My breasts already began shrinking after about...
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    Re: Hey all, appreciate the help!

    I could never get much milk out with a pump, even if I sat working at it for hours! So don't judge how much milk you have in your breast by how much is coming out with your pump. :) I think you need...
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    Re: Is it possible...

    My DD apparently had a very small mouth (according to the LC I saw) and could never get a very good latch. I have to admit breastfeeding was frustrating for me well up to the sixth or seventh month....
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    Re: Sleep regression?

    We had a lot of sudden sleep issues at four months. For DD, she abruptly changed into an extremely light sleeper who fought falling asleep every time. And it didn't stop there :hug. Every few months,...
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    Re: Nipple Knot/Lump+Bruise Like Pain

    Hi there, I once found a small hard lump in my breast that didn't hurt at all and totally freaked out about it. I immediately booked an appointment with the doctor, and it turned out to be a clogged...
  16. Re: When did you first give your baby water?

    Same as the other posters--started offering around six months. But after the novelty of water/sippy cups wore off, I actually had a really hard time getting DD to drink water. I know not all babies...
  17. Re: Which feeding went first? Which one went last for you?

    Yep, around that age, DD was steadily cutting down on feedings and I thought that she'd eventually be weaned. For some reason, turning one seems to be a rough period for kids--I guess there is so...
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    Re: teething

    It could be she's nursing for comfort. I think the sucking motion actually lessens the teething pain, for some babies. Hang in there, and just tell yourself that at least she isn't biting you :o.
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    Re: Best way to get baby to take water

    How about an ice cube, lemon slice, or apple wedge in the sippy cup with the water? These things worked to entice DD to drink when she was little.

    A *very* long time ago (so I'm a bit foggy on...
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    Re: getting her to eat her veggies

    If she likes sour things, try offering her veggies tossed with lemon juice and olive oil--my DD would eat anything tossed with lemon juice :ita.
  21. Re: Need support -breastfeeding 2 1/2 yr old - long rambling post

    You mentioned she's been sick a lot this winter, which could explain her lack of appetite for solids. Combined with any stress she might be picking up at home due to your separation with your...
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    Re: BF & Always Hungry!!!

    Like one of the previous posters mentioned, everyone is different. DD is 30 months old, still nursing, and I need to eat a ton or I feel ravenous. And I say the following not to brag but to reassure...
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    Re: Solids vs BF?

    Hi there,

    I wouldn't worry that he's not *eating enough*, especially if he's happy and healthy. But it wouldn't hurt to offer him a variety of foods for breakfast and lunch, as well as the dinner...
  24. Temas: Arrgh!

    by @llli*sobamom

    Re: Arrgh!

    It definitely is annoying, but I do think most people ask without malicious intent. It seems to me that people who are ignorant about breastfeeding are actually treating the subject of weaning as a...
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    Re: Does anyone experience this??

    Congratulations to you and your baby :hb!
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