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    gaining weight?

    Does anyone else feel like they're gaining weight since they've started weaning? I know it makes sense (since the milk factory is lowering production) and I probably just need to eat less---but I...
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    Re: Breast Milk Donating

    I donated to the Human Milk Bank of North America in Raleigh.


    They were very nice.

    I've heard bad things about some donation places... using the...
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    Re: A LITTLE tired of my big breasts

    I tried to make my own nursing bra... it didn't work out too well---the strap frayed where I had cut it so it didn't last very long and it was very hard to work the hooks one handed. I called it my...
  4. Re: Sleeping through the night, very full in the morning....

    I've felt your pain. Waking up when I roll over onto my giant hurting boob and leaving wet spots on the sheets (ewe). I agree that you can pump til you're comfortable and eventually your body will...
  5. Re: OK, Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened

    Babies can be crazy and confusing! Whenever DD does something like this I complain and DH says "She's a person not a robot." Then I usually say "But I want a robot!" :)
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    Re: Preparation Before the Baby Gets Here

    I agree, learn what you can now---it helps if DH learns too so he can help when you're sleep deprived and forgetting everything!! :)

    You can also get some nursing pads (I leaked like a faucet in...
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    Re: Question on food for mommy...

    The fish restrictions that they recommend for pregnant women are for nursing mothers as well (no raw fish, limited amounts of tuna, no shark etc.) because the risk of illness with the raw fish and...
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    Re: Clogged Duct...

    This sounds funny but... They say that heat is good, but it's hard to get a heating pad on your breast, especially if the clogged duct is in a weird place (mine was on the inside) so... take a sock...
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    Re: set in her ways!!

    Sometimes babies will not take the bottle when mom is at home... they're too smart to get tricked into the bottle when they know that the real spply is around (or something)...

    I used to run out...
  10. Re: Have OS and back to work, double pump?

    I always double pump at work. I've found that I usually end up with what my LO needs throughout the day (13oz from 3 pumping sessions). Also double pumping keeps me from having engorgement and...
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    Re: after the 4 month growth spurt

    the same thing just happened to me. it felt so weird not to be constantly sore all day! we seem to be past it now and I feel like it's going back to the way it was. :(

    Good luck!
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    Re: My what a sloppy eater I have!

    I too have a sloopy eater. The good news is that she's getting better as she grows. She's 4 months old now and I still keep a receiving blanket under her face while she nurses, but I can usually...
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    Re: vitamins for baby

    I'm not really sure why they need extra. I'm also still taking my prenatal vits. But I figured extra vitamins couldn't hurt. My Dr. recomended tri-vi-sol. It's A, D + C.
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    Re: Jaundice Baby - help pls!

    if his eyes are yellow make sure to keep a watchful eye on him. my dd was on the bili blanket for 3 days --- they put her on the blanket before her eyes got to that point. i can't believe the dr....
  15. Re: Moms with OALD - how long are your feeds?

    I had a similar experience. My LO is 15 weeks now and we went a very long time where she'd only eat for about 5-10 minutes. I was constntly worried that she wasn't getting enough, but her weight...
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    Re: Why wait 6 weeks before pumping?

    I had to pump from the beginning because my LO would only take one side. As a result I have a massive oversupply problem. If you can wait, I would suggest that you do so that your supply will be in...
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    Re: best bottles when breastfeeding & pumping

    We like the Breastflow bottles. There are two nipples nested. It's suppossed to simulate letdown. The outer nipple is pretty broad and firm so she can latch similarly to how she latches on to the...
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