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  1. Re: craniosacral therapy and/or pediatric chiropractic?

    Its not a one time fix. You may have to go numerous times, but it can def help!!
  2. Re: Breastfeeding friendly eating/recipies

    I havent been sticking to my GF diet since the middle of my pregnancy. I can try to go back on it and see.

    I could be having over supply, but Ive only recently been able to start storing small...
  3. Re: Breastfeeding friendly eating/recipies

    I dont have any other children. First one so this is allll new! I just feel the need to try to help her in some way with this gas. The other day I had hummus and for the next 24-48 hours she had...
  4. Re: Breastfeeding friendly eating/recipies

    She does seem to gulp when shes eating and shes even choked a few times and pulled off leading me to think I may have a forceful let down at times.

    I meant to say cows milk instead of lactose and...
  5. Re: Breastfeeding friendly eating/recipies

    She does burp after eating, but she also is farting a lot! We massage her belly which sometimes helps, but she is really uncomfortable. Lots of high pitched (all of a sudden) crying which is relieved...
  6. Breastfeeding friendly eating/recipies

    I've been having trouble with a very gassy 1 month old DD. I've been avoiding caffeine, gassy veggies (like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onion), acidic fruits, and lactose, but she is...
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    Nipple and breast pain

    I've read the sections about appropriate latch, forceful let down, vasospasm, etc. and nothing seems to be fitting my symptoms.

    I'm having some sharp pain in the nipple when DD latches on...
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    Re: Cluster Feeding Extravaganza

    I believe she is having the appropriate amount of wet diapers per day (6 wet, 2 dirty).

    So I as far as her feeding at night goes, just keep allowing her to feed every hour? I really wish we could...
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    Re: Cluster Feeding Extravaganza

    Right now I'm home all day with her and allow her to eat whenever she wants for as long as she wants. I cant seem to wake her up and feed more frequently. At night we have been sleeping together. It...
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    Cluster Feeding Extravaganza

    I have a 2 week old DD who cluster feeds from 10pm til 4am. During the day she will sleep soundly for 2-4 hours at a time. I've tried every trick in the book to wake her up to feed more often, but...
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