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    23 mo - wean before trip?

    I haven't posted here in awhile, but hoped you ladies could give me some advice. I'm going on a biz trip in exactly a month (coincidentally ds's 2 yr birthday) and while it's possible for me to pump...
  2. Re: Advice Needed - 19 mo old - 10 day biz trip

    Thanks. I am still struggling over this. Anyone else have any ideas? I appreciate anything you can share. I do agree that if I am going to keep nursing, I must get him down to few sessions before I...
  3. Advice Needed - 19 mo old - 10 day biz trip

    In 2 months I am scheduled to go on a 10 day biz trip to India and I am still nursing my 19 mo old 3-7x daily. I have thought of 3 options:
    1 - Bring ds with me (but very costly and not so safe for...
  4. Eating Little Lately .. but BF fine ...

    My ds, now 12 months and 3 days, has been eating solids since he has been 6 months and nursing day and night. Most of the time he is a fairly good eater, but on some days he doesn't have much...
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    Re: We did it! We made it to one year!

    Congrats! My one year anniversary is in 4 days - Feb 10th!! We're excited, too! And have no plans to stop ...
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    Re: she said the cutest thing

    Aw. I look forward to that, too. My ds (now 11 months) does give me a big grin when he sees my bare breasts :)
  7. Re: I think I have become a Human Pacifier!!!

    I feel the same way. My 10 mo old has been co-sleeping and seems to want to nurse about 10x per night. I tried breaking him of this a few weeks ago, letting him cry some at the start of the night,...
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    Re: Uneven Milk Production

    I started a similar new thread a few days ago. I'd like to give up on my right side too. My guess is that it produces about 1 oz per day. I keep going because I am not sure it is OK to stop. In the...
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    Totally Uneven Breasts(feeding)

    I have always BF more on one side than the other, but now it is about 95%/5%. It staried because my son (now 9 1/2 mos) always preferred one side, I did not make a concerted effort to be even,...
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