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  1. I'm not ready to wean he isn't either

    My LO is 13 months old and we nurse in the morning before work and on demand all evening/ 2 times at night. There is some family pressure to allow for a 2 night trip with the grandparents. Should I...
  2. Re: 7.5 months in and frustrated

    If it gives you piece of mind do it. But do you live near a target? You can order a baby scale from them use it for s week or two until you are satisfied and return it in store (going to a hotel is...
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    Re: Doesn't want a bottle

    Thank you so much
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    Doesn't want a bottle

    My 4.5 month old is now refusing bottles when I am way from him (on a good day the sitter can get two 3 ounce bottles in him; on a normal day he fights and is willing to take 2 ounces once- I've...
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    Cereal before 6 months?

    Maybe I'm wrong but I hadn't planned to give DS anything other than BM until he is 6 months old he is currently almost 4 months. He weighed in at 19.2 today, 37 3/4 inches in length, 44.5 cm head...
  6. Re: Baby not adjusting to daycare - Any help? - for NB magaz

    Unfortuately the nature of this questions would benefit from open dialog but since it will be one sided here are some suggestions and some questions you may want to think about-

    questions first-...
  7. Re: Baby Led Weaning: is it over?

    Congrats Momma you made it! You may on occassion find a trickle or two may leak from you (generally in the shower) and if you attempted to you may even be able to hand express a few drops but you...
  8. Can your dominant side change?

    Y left side has always provided the highest demab for me-until this week. When pumping the right side 3 oz was about my max (that was pushing it) now its 5-6 on the right and 2-3 on the left?
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    Re: Baby lost weight

    First, ******hugs*******. Second don't worry (I know thats not what you want to hear) it happens and it's normal. Yes you can increase your frequency here and there but he will regain. Also, like...
  10. weight loss while nursing

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum so I will ask before I post. Is there a forum to discuss weight lloss & exercise while nursing?
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    Re: Where did it go?

    Thank you ladies :) I'm actually working to store several months of milk for a friend due in April. She is unable toproduce what she needs due to surgeries (etc) she is able to bf some but also uses...
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    Re: Mixed feelings?

    I don't know how to put this to a new thread- Any suggestions on being able to take one for the team. With a 3 month old nursling and 3 year old & working out of the house (althought I belive being a...
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    Where did it go?

    My LO is 3 months old and my second nursling (his big sister made it to 11 months then finished the freezer supply at 12 months). I work fulltime (60 hrs/wk) but have changed my schedule around so...
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