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  1. Re: just when things were finally starting to go well

    His latch looks okay and my nipples aren't creased or looking like lipstick (they did when he has a poor latch) My nipples are actually quite bruised looking...they are completely black and blue and...
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    Re: Heartbroken :( help!

    i do recommend the Breastflow bottles. Most bottle companies will say "ours are the best because the are like breastfeeding" but this is only because the bottle looks like a breast or feels like a...
  3. just when things were finally starting to go well

    My son is nearly 3 months old now (so i thought i should post here, seeing as he is no longer going to be classified as a newborn in a few days)

    When we first started nursing, it was HORRIBLE!...
  4. Re: what is going on? *latch issues, fussiness, constant cry

    He's only nursing maybe 6 times a day. He gets a small bottle of formula (mixed with some pumped breastmilk) at night but thats so I can sleep a little but i always make sure to at least pump if my...
  5. what is going on? *latch issues, fussiness, constant crying*

    I understand that babies get growth spurts but I don't understand whats going on with my son.

    He is 6 weeks...almost 7. The past two days if he isn't being held by someone, he is screaming his...
  6. baby won't "root" anymore. won't open mouth wide enough!

    So, let me give ya'll a bit of my story.

    My son is now 6 weeks old, he was born on leap day this year.
    When he was born, there were no lactation consultants in the hospital and i was having...
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