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    Re: Breastfeeding help please!

    It does sound like a food sensitivity to me. You need to be off dairy for two weeks for it to clear out of your system, but should start to see some results after 4-5 days. There are lots of other...
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    Re: poop after starting solids

    Poop change is one of the worst parts about starting solids. It gets so gross!!! I agree that the only time it's really a problem is if she becomes constipated, then I would definitely suggest...
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    Re: Please help!!

    You've done so great making it 5 weeks and it will get better! Having already successfully nursed an older child is a huge benefit you have going for you.

    Have you tried laid-back...
  4. Re: What's the deal? Thrush? Latch? Oversupply?

    I'd definitely try to get another opinion on the tongue tie- that could be the source of all the troubles. It does sound like you have overactive supply, and that will continue to calm down in the...
  5. Re: What's the deal? Thrush? Latch? Oversupply?

    I'd definitely try to get another opinion on the tongue tie- that could be the source of all the troubles. It does sound like you have overactive supply, and that will continue to calm down in the...
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    Re: Baby Bullet reviews

    I love my magic bullet and we use it almost daily for smoothies and many other things, like grinding coffee, herbs, etc. I bought it at costco for less than $40. It is a great product and could be...
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    Re: Newborn not gaining weight

    Have you called a local LLL Leader? They can be so helpful at a time like this.

    I think if he is having good diapers and seems to be nursing well, then you should keep doing what you are...
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    Re: So Odd...! Uneven breasts.

    Many women find that one side produces more than the other. It's fine and normal, though kind of annoying!

    In addition, sometimes we end up using one side a little more than the other, which...
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    Re: Help!

    Huge kudos to you for breastfeeding twins!

    It sounds like thrush to me too... those scratching pains are classic thrush in the milk ducts. This means it will be harder to treat that just a yeast...
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    Re: Very Fussy -- help

    Do you burp him a lot and well? Perhaps he is gassy? Do you ever notice your milk spraying all over, or your baby having to choke and gulp when your milk lets down?

    Sometimes babies are just...
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    Re: Tired of Blocked Ducts


    I'm sorry to hear you are having such a problem with plugged ducts. How frustrating and painful!

    How long do you nurse on one side before switching to the other? (2 hrs, 4 hrs, etc.) ...
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    Re: Supply problems already??

    Ah- the amazing nature of the supply and demand of breastfeeding. I've always found that what happened the day before absolutely set up my supply for the next day. Nursing every two hours will help...
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    Re: How long?

    I just started having problems with this recently (my son is 17 months). With the first one, it appeared in the afternoon and was resolved by morning. It has recurred a couple times and took less...
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    Re: Starting finger foods?

    Henry started eating 1/2 cheerios at 6 1/2 months. Do a search on this forum for 'baby-led solids' and you will see some of us who skipped purees all together and gave our babies small pieces of soft...
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    Re: Block Feeding Question

    Some mothers find they have to go 3 or even 4 hours using one breast before using the other to bring their supply down enough. It's OK to pump a little when you are feeling engorged but as you know...
  16. Re: Help! Latching problems, thrush nipples, etc. About to give up...

    Congratulations on your baby. I would definitely suggest you call an LLL leader right now! They are free!!! Even if you don't have anyone in your immediate area you can talk to someone over the...
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    Re: Tired of Blocked Ducts

    I don't think this has been mentioned but remember the three basics for dealing with plugged ducts- apply heat, nurse frequently on the affected side and get lots of rest!

    I am dealing with...
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    Re: Teething, time for weaning?

    You could also try rubbing her gums firmly before nursing to help ease the pain or letting her suck on something cold like a wet washcloth to numb her up a bit before nursing.

    teething does not...
  19. Re: Milk Supply dropped after a cold help please!!

    I had a bad cold at the beginning of march and definitely noticed my supply drop, but it bounced right back with lots of nursing. just keep nursing and drinking lots of water... your body is amazing!
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    Re: problems with re-lactating

    In addition to a lactation consultant I highly recommend you contact your local LLL leader. (see my signature). They can talk through everything with you and provide you with lots of resouces! ...
  21. Re: Extremely resistant thrush...please give me hope

    i had to take diflucan for 4 weeks before i was thrush free. and make sure the dose is adequate. originally i was given too low of a dose and my thrush came right back. unfortunately i can't...
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    Re: Growth Spurt? Please help!

    My son started nursing for 5 minutes or less per feeding at 3 weeks. i thought it was insane and that there was no way he was getting enough, but he was. it's hard to just trust that our babies...
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    Re: Is this normal?????

    First of all it sounds like his wet and poopy diapers are adequate, so that is good. Is he gaining weight as far as you know? Is he meeting his milestones?

    Do you have any idea if you may have...
  24. Re: Please help. I truly want to BF exclusively.

    Congratulations on your baby and on your desire to bf exclusively.

    The first thing I want to mention is that three weeks is prime time for a growth spurt. During growth spurts many babies not...
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    Re: Lazy Nurser/ low milk supply

    Welcome to the boards. It sounds like you understand the benefits of bfing and are concerned that your baby doesn't quite seem to have the hang of it yet. How old is your baby? How many times per...
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