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  1. Re: Breastfeeding a 12 month old: pregnancy and nutrition

    My first was 12 months when I became preg w/ second child. He was an avid nurser up until around 3 months preg, then he weaned with no encouragement. In retrospect, I wonder the same thing --if my...
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    Re: potty training?

    Take a little of the stress out of it by having lots of patience and accepting that you will have accidents. When my son was learning to use the potty, it help for us to buy big boy undies and vinyl...
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    grabby grabby--boobie jealousy

    My nearly 3 year old son was weaned at 14 months. He gave up the breast with no fight or urging at that age and seemed to forget about it until his brother was about 6 months old (and...
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